It’s Finally Here!

Hey there!
Big thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts on what the name of the blog should be. Some were enlightening, some were not surprising in the least, and some were not right!! Some of these are inside jokes that some readers may not get, others seem to speak for themself.
The best are listed below: (Not all are listed, as some were inappropriate, even in my opinion)

6. Marty Holman…Nuff said!
5. Billy McGuiness
Only from you Billy, as you understand the curse!
4. Poli Dimakos
This brought me back to a great time in my life. College Dorm Bathrooms Rule.

3. Seth Switzer
Some things will never change.

2. Also Poli…
Thanks for reminding me dude. This is too true!
Drum Roll Please…….1. This was from about three peopleWell, to all who will read this a big shout out. And hopefully this journey will be great!


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