Family is Sweet

Good Morning to all!

As I got up this morning I had my typical “I want to go back to bed” feeling I usually have. However, as I pulled myself up out of bed, trying to convince myself that I “need” to get up and get ready for work, I looked back at the bed…

There they were:

My wife- In here usual spot, the outside side of our bed. She seemed to be at perfect rest, so peaceful.

Wyatt (He’s 2/12)- Of course he ended up in our bed at some point last night. I was likely dead to the world, as I’m a really sound sleeper. He was in his spot too, right in the middle of the bed. His arms up over his head, and right leg hanging out of the side of the covers.

Liam (3mths.)- Turtle, as we so affectionately call him, was right next to momma. He was the only one not in the bed though. He managed to stay in his cradle…probably due to the fact that he can’t crawl or really move himself around just yet.

It dawned on me as sunlight began to gently peer through our windows that I am blessed beyond measure. I got my towel and clothes together, and got myself ready for the day. I thanked God briefly, but it wasn’t until about an hour ago that it really hit me…

I have so much to thank God for!

The fact that I woke up this morning, could see the sun rise through my windows, and seeing my family all together peacefully sleeping. Those are some of the things that God reminded me to be thankful for on the regular

You know, it’s usually the simple things, the things that go unnoticed, that really are the one’s that make us…and I think by neglecting them it can break us.

Keeping God First

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