What a Basket Case

So, this morning as I was driving to work, and listening to the “Q”(the new FM Christian radio station in our area). Now, I love Christian music, but I have never been a big fan of Christian radio “Talk Shows.” They tend to be a bit cheesy.Well, I decided to tune in this morning, and I am glad I did. Their first topic was pretty brief, and it is what gave me the title for today’s Blog. The topic was what was going through Moses’ mind when he found himself in the basket on the Nile.

I know, I know…”Moses wasn’t thinking anything, because he was a little baby.”

I don’t know if or what he was thinking, but it made me think…

******* I’M THINKING *******

1. How many times do I find myself in a situation that isn’t necessarily from my own involvement or doing?

2. How do I react in the situation?

3. What is my attitude toward God in those situations?

Some soul searching is required to truthfully answer these questions.Let’s answer the first question. It doesn’t seem often that I find myself in a situation that isn’t somehow, and usually greatly, linked to a decision I have made or refused to make. It’s more often that I’m in the place or situation, because I have made a decision. However, I can think of some times that had nothing to do with me, but none-the-less I was in them.

Second Question! I usually get on this kick of “Handlin’ my Bizz!” I feel this need to take things over, and hanlde them “the way they should be handled.”

Final Question. Maybe you’ve experienced this before.
You know…It goes a little like this

“Okay God, I can handle things from here. Obviously You’ve been slacking, or don’t truly care about my dilemma. So, I’ll take over and get things straight. Okay?!?!?”

Well, that’s what takes place in my mind. You’re probably thinking, “Why have I tuned in to this Blog today? What is this guys boggle?” I assure you,
******* This is going somewhere *******

Now, mind you, this doesn’t happen all the time. There are moments where I have a “Spiritual” response.So, now you know taht I can have some seriously faulty responses. Well, it’s a good thing I’m a work in progress. It’s an incredible thing to realize how messed up our reactions can be to situations, but more importantly to the One who is carrying us through them.

Love and Peace

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