So…Basically I’m an idiot!

Good day to all,

I recently realized that I didn’t post 2 of my blogs last week. I typed them up, but never posted them. So, as a great friend told me…”I guess AL Dancy doesn’t really speak. I just posted one of them, and decided not to post the other.


So, as some of you have read, my famly and I will be moving to Worcester in T-minus 32 days. We are so excited, andcan’t wait to live in the area where we will be serving God with the great people from Fellowship Church Holden. What a dynamic team I have the privilege to be a part of.

Sunday at Fellowship was great. The music…well let’s just say that God uses people despite themselves. If everything rises and falls on the leadership, then I did a terrible job. At least that’s how I felt. It’s amazing though, when you think you’ve done a terrible job, and out of no where someone approaches you and says, “Thanks for the music this morning. It really ministered to myt heart.” You realize that God is absolutely right when He says that nothing is done in our strenght and ability, it’s all by His power and might.

I need to remember that. So, even when we think we did a crappy job, God is still working this for His glory. So that in the end, no one will ever be able to stand before Him and brag.

I’m Out,

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