I was thinking about that word today. There are many things this word can refer to. It can refer to physical, destructive weapons, i.e. Rocket Launchers, AK-47, RPG, etc. It can also have a spiritual meaning. Many of you are thinking, “Whaa-Whaat?”

Yeah, the bible talks about spiritual weapons. The study on it is incredible, but that is not really the focus for today. I wanted to talk about war. Actual, physical, destructive, devisive war.

My Blog is simple today. I am posing one question…

Should Christians participate in war?

Take that to mean what you will. Whether you think the question refers to fighting, hand-to-hand combat, military war, etc. All of these are correct when answering the question. So, please feel free to reply.

Much Love

Is it ironic that I end this with Love? No more questions from me.

4 Responses to “Weapons”

  1. Marty Says:

    Participate? Yes. Start? No.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Interesting question.
    There’s this whole line of reasoning, called Just War Theory. It’s an attempt to establish what criteria need to be met in order for a Christian to go to war.
    I think the criteria are things like will more people die if we don’t go to war than do?
    (There’s a few other requirements, as well. If you’re super interested I bit googling “Just War theory” will turn up some useful info.)
    I agree with just war theory… But I think it turns out to be much more difficult to calculate these things than it appears.
    For example, if we consider going to war, it’s obvious that we ought to make our best guess around the lives that will be lost directly by intervening or not intervening.

    But what about the lives that will be impacted indirectly? The morality of the governments actions impact an even wider circle than the combatants and combatants families.
    I realize that Michael Moore is controversial and partisan. But he makes a really interesting argument that the day of the columbine shootings, more people died in Kosovo than the high school where the shooting took place. The town where the shooting happened is a town whose primary employer is lockheed. Moore argues that a factor in Columbine was the environment that the shooters lived in.
    If Moore is right (and I think he is… though I’m not sure I’ve really done his argument justice here) then the lives of those lost in Columbine need to be figured partially into the equation of whether or not we should have gotten involved in Kosovo in the first place, because these lost lives were partially a result of our actions there.
    Of course, we’ll never know for sure… especially in advance.
    I think we often run away from the reality that there are lose-lose situations. There are times when either making war or not making war is not right… Which ever of these actions we take, we ought to enter into them with seriousness, even a sort-of remorse.

  3. Jeff Says:

    A follow up thought:
    I understand Paul to be telling us that humans are only and ever will be pawns in any sort of combat. They are never our real enemy… Not Sadam Hussien, Not Osama Bin Laden, not Hitler. None of them.
    In chess, of course, some times you have to go after the pawns. But when you act like capturing pawns is the point in chess you end up missing the point.

  4. AlDancySpeaks Says:

    Great thoughs Jeff. I’m not a huge Michael Moore fan, but I get where he’s coming from.

    I agree with you on the just war theory. War is never “the” answer, however, there are times when it is right (morally) to fight.

    I totally agree with Marty, that it is right to Participate, but never to start it.

    I know you and I probably differ on this next thing I’ll say, but here goes.

    For me, I think America’s, and American’s first priority is protecting and providing for its people. It is very difficult, if not hypocritical looking to reach out to others when you have so much crap in your own household.

    Life is valuable regardless of what culture, country, or creed it is from. However, as an American I think our fcus should primarily be on the atrocities that are being experienced here on a daily basis. Then once we have a better handle on it, we can turn some focus and attention to others.
    I think for Christians the focus should be on pursuing the highest form of good.

    This is my opinion, if the situation were as follows:

    A pervert man is chasing a young woman or girl, and trying to kill or worse… If I had to come up against this guy and possibly kill him to keep that form happening I would. If I had to hide her, then lie to him about where she is, I would.

    Thereare so many things about war, the “just war theory,” that canot be calculated. We need to constantly strive for the highest level of good. I don’t always know where that falls.

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