Where have all the real men gone…How do we get them back

Now I know the clash of the sexes is a hot topic.  Always has been, and always will be.  That isn’t really my point here.

 My point will be that men in today’s society have become more and more perplexed, and typically unaware of what a true man is.  Most men, if asked, probnably could not give a definite definition to the question, “what is a man?” 

 How can men, young men and boys included, ever live out this role without knowing how to achieve it.  More so they can never know if they have arrived, or are close to arriving at it if they do not have a true distinct, and definite definition of this role.

I have been checking out this blog for some time now, and I really would like you all to check it out.  I think it could prompt some really interesting discussions.

Click here for the Art of Manliness Blog.

Now please understand that this is not a silly website, or a joke website.  It has been set up as a way to get men to think hard, and be honest with themselves and others, as they delve into this topic of what a real man is.  I have found some great value in it.

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Sunday @ Fellowship Church

Hope everyone’s weekend was spectacular.  Mine was superb.  We had my mother in-law, sister in-law, and my niece and nephew here for the weekend.  They came in late Saturday night, but we had a blast for a few hours.  We got some tie-dying done.  That was fun…messy, but fun.  I’ll be sporting some of the apparel in service next week.

I’m not like most guys, as I actually like my entire family of in-laws.  They’re a trip to be with.

So, back to the lecture at  hand…

Fellowship church was amazing today.  We were down two critical people today.  Our pastor, Marty, and his wife Carie.  wile they were both greatly missed, the service was great.  And on a side note, I have to assume that a Pastor must feel very satisfied and proud that the ministry will continue, and be done with excellence, even in his absence.  That’s pretty much the goal here at Fellowship Church.  No ministry will ever be successful based on the performance or involvement of one person.  A truly successful ministry will always continue to thrive, even when the current leader passes from the scene.

Now that that rambling is done.  Fellowship Church Band rocked the house with Song of Hope, followed by a great video by 963 coffee, and a welcome from our Pastor, which he prerecorded.   It was like having him there, but not?!!?  It was cool.  BTW if you don’t know anything about 963 Coffee, check them out here.  They’re doing some pretty amazing things in world missions.  And their coffee is incredible.

After a few more songs from the band, Jason Destratis brought an incredible message titled “Live Generously, which is from our current series “Live Different.”  We ended the service with a rendition of LifeSong.  It was a fantastic Sunday.  We hung out for a while after service, for a bit of “fellowship” (Pun Intended) you might say.  There was a splendid coffee tasting, which I highly recommend to any church or organization that is looking for new coffee for a cafe or just to serve every week.

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Don’t chya Like Ma’ Doo?!?

Can’t beat the Sunday Afternoon nap look.

What is Worship

Some people when they think worship, they get images of someone kneeling down to pay homage to someone or something.  Some people would probably envision someone bowed before or chanting to an idol.  There are hundreds of opinions, thousands of books, and many definitions of what worship is.

 I am one that believes that the Bible holds the keys to all of mankind’s desires, and the answers to any of our questions.  I’m going to begin a study on what the Bible says worship is and is not, and exactly what the definiton of worship is.

Everyone has something or someone that they worship.  Some people worship time, some money, some other people, and some often worship other people’s stuff.  One fact is we all worship something.

In my life I want to be guilty of one thing…Worshipping God too much.  That is with my whole being; my life, my breath, my heart, my mind, my possessions, my time, and my family.  There is much more then this that I should be offering on the altar to God, and we will look into that through my study. 

Stay tuned if this is interesting in the least to you.

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al032808.jpgIt’s cold and rainy today.

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This me walking up the hill to Work, in downtown Worcester, MA.


I know…Gangsta!