First of all I have to say that Steve Sands is an incredible guy. Please keep his family in prayer. His sister, Lisa went into labor early and there are complications with one of the babies.

I got a txt msg from him last Wednesday, but had no clue who it was. I could only think of two people that I know as Steven. My cousin and a friend i grew up with. So, i knew neither of them had sisters with babies. I called around and neither were playing a prank on me. I dumb founded, becuase I couldn’t think of any other Steven.

So, I waited to call this person back. Their number was in the text, but I didn’t think of calling it. I waited some more.

“Make a long story short Al!”

I called and left a message for this person, who sounded just like my cousin. I thought, “Hmmm…That’s weird.”

I got a call back and it was Steve Sands. Boy did I feel like a tool at that moment. I learned a lesson however.

Waiting can kill your relationships. So, suck it up and call that person, text them back, send them an email. Whatever you do, do it, but don’t wait!

Living Out Loud,

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