There’s No “I” in Team… but there is an M-E?

So, of all the places that I would get sound training in team work, and how to become an effective team member, I get it at work in Corporate America.  In most of the corporate world, and throughout American Corporate…Heck! American History seems to always recognize and reward those who forge the way, those who are the “Lone Rangers,” etc. 

I think you get the point.

Now, I would never degrade or downplay the successes, the investments, the prosperity that has been brought on by men and women that are stereotypical “American” individual workers.  There is a long line of people who have stood, when the mob stayed seated.  There have been individuals who went for it when everyone said it was impossible.

 To them…I say a hearty “Thank You!

 So, to get to my point.  I think it is interesting to get challenged to be a team member, and encouraged to invest in developing myself into an effective team member from Corporate America. 

 A recent CBT (Computer Based Training) is what inspired this blog.  The course was about 1.5 hours, but it had so many valuable things.  It spoke about honesty and integrity!??!  I know…hard to believe that that is being taught and promoted.

The course taught that an effective team member is not just in this for their own personla goals.  in fact, that was described as a way that a team would be sabotaged.

How effective are your team member skills?

How do you rate yourself as someone who can effective work on a team?

I am part of an exciting and dynamic team at Fellowship Church in Holden, MA.  We are on an incredible journey together to “Lead People into a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ.”  I have taken the challenge to develop myself into an effective team member.

Are you willing to look at yourself, and face the facts if you’re actually a crappy team member/player?  And are you willing to make a change?

Living Out Loud,


4 Responses to “There’s No “I” in Team… but there is an M-E?”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    A thought from your local resident paranoid borderline communist:
    Integrity and honesty are incredibly important things. I believe that we will be rewarded for them… in the next life.

    I think it’s probably true that there are some people in business who have been willing to practice these for their whole lives. It’s a bit like the use of steroids in professional sports. Lots of short term gains. Ultimately illegal, and penalizes those who are doing the right thing.
    Well-used lack on integrity and well-used dishonesty do help corporate climbers… and so I get skeptical when I hear that the worker bees are recieving training in these areas because I think sometimes it’s just one more tool of mantaining the dominance (in this life) of the fat cats.
    It also strikes me as amusing that such relational values as honesty and integrity are taught through a computer… It seems a bit like teaching somebody math without using numbers.

    I’m not disagreeing at all with you Al, just wanted to toss out a few observations.

  2. Marty Says:

    Keep being a good team member and leader Al! You are the man.

  3. Shari Says:

    I miss you! But I know that God’s using you guys in awesome ways! Love you guys!

  4. aldancyspeaks Says:


    Mi amiga. So glad that you came by and left a note. We miss you guys too. Hopefully we can see each other soon.

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