Why I am committed…

Some of you will no doubt see the title of today’s blog and think, “Yeah Al, it’s about time you were committed.”  You would be assuming that I am referring to being committed to the looney bin, and you would be WRONG!

I left this as an open ended title for a good reason.  Let me start here.

I was in a yesterday.  My first Quarterly Business meeting for the company I recently started working for.  This meeting had a main presenter, an MC of sorts, and another presenter.  There was a projector and slide presentation used.  It was your typical corporate run departmental meeting.  One thing became clear to me very quickly.  These people were not professional presenters.

Now, I am in no way the most articulate, entertaining, and engaging speaker, but I have learned a few things in the years I have spent speaking and performing in front of people.

1.  Your behavior should be at or above the level of those in the audience.  Using profanity can automatically discredit you.  Once your audience feels you are not qualified, they are shut off to you.

2.  If you use any technology, be sure that you review it before you present it.  There is nothing that is more distracting then a poorly executed media presentation.  My philosophy is check it once, check it twice, and …what the heck!  Check it one last time.

3.  Be mindful of time.  Nothing grinds on an audience then a speaker not being mindful of the time their taking.  The time you have has been given to you; it’s not yours, but the audiences.  A little repsect displayed by starting and stopping on time goes a long way.

In my time at Fellowship Church, I have learned, especially from Marty, that a committment to excellence is really what we should be striving for.  Not sinless, spottless perfection, but a drive to pursue excellence.  Nothing pleases God more, then when his child is giving their all, and striving to do all things excellently.

 There are many things we are and can be committed to, and may of them are probably not worth our time or energy.  A committment to excellence will allow you to impact many people.

Just a thought from yesterday!

 Let me know what you think.

 Living Out Loud,


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