What is Worship

Some people when they think worship, they get images of someone kneeling down to pay homage to someone or something.  Some people would probably envision someone bowed before or chanting to an idol.  There are hundreds of opinions, thousands of books, and many definitions of what worship is.

 I am one that believes that the Bible holds the keys to all of mankind’s desires, and the answers to any of our questions.  I’m going to begin a study on what the Bible says worship is and is not, and exactly what the definiton of worship is.

Everyone has something or someone that they worship.  Some people worship time, some money, some other people, and some often worship other people’s stuff.  One fact is we all worship something.

In my life I want to be guilty of one thing…Worshipping God too much.  That is with my whole being; my life, my breath, my heart, my mind, my possessions, my time, and my family.  There is much more then this that I should be offering on the altar to God, and we will look into that through my study. 

Stay tuned if this is interesting in the least to you.

Living Out Loud,


One Response to “What is Worship”

  1. Steve Says:

    bring it!!

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