Meet a Hillary, a new Blogger…

Hillary has a great new Blog that I just had to promote. So, please check out what she has to say. The reason behind the Blog’s name is really fantastic and interestingly creative.  Keep it goin’ Hill.

The Gleam of Rose Tea is going to rock!

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Good Friends…Good Eats

This post is listed in Marty Holman’s  Monday Moments.


So, Erica, the boys, and I just spent most of my our night with Billy and his two daughters, Erynne and Emilie. We had a dinner guest who left ate and ran, but i won’t name any names…Darren!

Their mom was away at Orange Conference this week, which gave us an excuse to have them over. We don’t really need an excuse, but it got things planned for us.

See, Erica and I have this tendency where we don’t end up doing things with people unless we get plans nailed down. We’re great at keeping plans, but most times it’s difficult for us to make the plans.

Well, we had a blast. Erica made an incredible bath of her world famous Chicken Soup. Ohhhhh, to die for, and to think there are no leftovers!! Arrrgh!

The soup was awesome. Erynne ate most of hers, and Billy finished off what was left. Emilie was the Girrrrl tonight, as she pounded 2 bowls. What amazes me about Emilie’s feat is she is only 5. Wyatt had an entire bowl, and like two whole pieces of Italian bread. Liam, well…he had sweet potatoes and cereal.

The night didn’t end there! Oh no, it was just beginning. Well, the kids went off and played for a few minutes, while I helped clean up a little. Billy, Erica, and I went in to the living room, and then it all came down!

The three kids and I got into a huge wrestling match. See, wrestling and boxing matches are big events at our place. Wyatt and I get it going about 3-4 times per week. Sometimes twice a day! The kids were jumping off the couch on me, jumping on my head, tackling me on the ground, and all with the hopes that I would fight back and throw them around. I can still hear them laughing and giggling.

Erica and the kids then went off into the kitchen and made homemade chocolate chip cookies. Each of the kids got to make a batch. This went on while Billy and I chilled, talked about music, and played with Liam. Then a heaping pile of cookies and some very full glasses of milk were brought in, and we all got to share.

We settled in and watched Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer and the Toy Taker. (one of my favorites…not really!) We also had a streak of child mooning, a name calling contest. My favorite came from Emilie. Who called me, I believe, “a hair, nose, ear, head!” It was quite a contest.

We ended the night saying our goodbyes, and letting the kids fly atop our heads, with arms stretched our like Buzz Lightyear.

I write this to say “Thanks” to Billy and the girls for making this one of the best nights this week. Also, in realizing that life is not worth much if you don’t have good friends to share it with.

So, do you need to break out and start making some dinner plans, or play dates?

Don’t wait, get yourself locked down into something!

Do you think you can do it? Well, it’s worth it.

Livin’ Out Loud,


Who are these guys?

I was reading a blog by this friend of mine, she hosts an online show here.  She had an interview with Kyle MacDonald today on her site.  Well Kyle is very well know as the Red Paperclip Guy.  He posted an add on Craigslist for a red paperclip, requesting to trade it for something else.  Well, 14 trades and 1 year later, he ended up with a house.

It’s an awesome story, and as much as I am plugin’ his story, it’s not why I am writing this.  He is asking for help on something else that is challenging and very interesting.  Help me help him, if you can.

He posted this picture on his blog

He states that his brother picked it up some where. He has challenged and asked people to help him find out who these guys are. So, I am challenging all of you out there to pitch in and help. 

I think we can do it, but I definitely need your help.  Let’s find them!

Who are these guys?

Livin’ Out Loud,

Tryin’ Something New

Help…I’m Lost in Blogland

Have you ever wanted to start a Blog? Not sure where to start, or how to do all the fancy HTML and stuff? Well, I’m right there with all of you.

You say, “But Al, you have a Blog…I’m reading it right now you half-wit. So, how can you be on the same page as me?”

Great question. I really don’t know much about Blogging, how design my site, or the code to use. I’m not sure if I really have a theme, other then sharing what’s going down in my hood, and up with my life. One thing that I have done is began searching for and asking for help.

During my search I came across this site here. It is a treasure box of helpful tips, some really great instruction, and a boat load of “Caution! You really shouldn’t do this…!”

So, i am highly recommending Blogging Basics 101, to everyone. It can help you, no matter what your proficiency level of web design, or Blogging is.

Do you have a helpful site to share?

Livin’ Out Loud,


Today’s Pic

Here is today’s pikt-cha!  Can you say “Fluffy?”

What is Worship

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned that I would be doing a study about worship.  I am still doing that. 

Hey! The Bible has a lot to say about the topic. So, cut me some slack okay!?

I noticed one thing so far.  The first real use of the Hebrew word for worship occurs in Genesis 22:5.  Some bible versions use the english word “Worship” for the Hebrew word that means “Call,” which is in Genesis 4:26.  But the actaul first mention of the word translated to English as “Worship” comes in chapter 22.

“Why is this important?” I hear ya out there!

Well one of the rules for Bible study is the Law of First Mention.  This method of Bible study teaches that the Bible will define its own terms within itself.  So, typically the first time a word is mentioned, if you use the context, you have a definition.

For instance. In the passage I mentioned just a few moments ago, we see Abraham and his son Isaac travelling with their servants.  Abraham tells the servants to wait there while he and his son go up the mountain to “Worship.”

Well, Abraham was instructed to sacrifice his one and only son that God had been promising for years, and who had finally arrived.  Kinda crazy huh?  And here goes Abe and Izzy up the hill to “Worship.”  So, I guess, using the law of bible study we just talked about, Abraham was going to worship God through sacrifice.

“Whoa, now Al!” It’s a hard thing to think that a form of worship, maybe the primary form of worshipping God is sacrifice!

What are you willing to sacrifice for God?

Livin’ Out Loud,