A mile stone in childhood

“Boy do children grow up fast.”  What a cliche, isn’t it?  I was taught a few things this week from my youngest- He’s 6 months old- all from him learning to crawl.  It’s absolutely incredible what you learn from your children.


Liam has been doing this thing for the past few months.  We lay him on his belly and rolls over, which is pretty cool!  Then he lays his head down, lifts his butt in the air, and rolls over again to get back on his back.  What’s so incredible about this, aside from the fact that he can roll from bummy to tummy and back, is that he usually does this a series of times and ends up making a complete circle.  It’s hilarious!


He has been “going in circles” for a few months now.  About two weeks ago the circles turned into a series of turn abouts.  Basically he started rolling over with a purpose.  Let me explain…


He was lying on his play mat in the middle of the living room, and his toy was maybe 5-10 feet away, and he wanted it.  So, instead of crying for one of us to get it for him, he decided to use the skills he developed to maneuver his way over to the toy.  He would do a half circle to the left, then one to the right, until he reached the toy.


Now that’s pretty amazing, but in a span of two weeks he gaineed a new ability and decided to show it off on Saturday afternoon.  He isn’t crawling full out; it’s sort of a military shuffle crawl…that’s what we call it anyway.


As I began this post I stated that I am constantly learning from my sons.  I came to a conclusion based on Liam learning to crawl


Everyone’s life is experienced through stages similar to those that my son has been going through.  Whether you’re a Christ follower or you’re not, there are some valuable things to glean.


Are you going through this life in “circles?”  Exerting lots of energy, feeling like you’re going some where, but when you stop you realize you’re right where you started.  Life can be like this for many of us.  For some it only lasts a little while

You’ll never get to the next stage until you’re fed up with going no where, and find some worthy goal.  Something that captivates your attention and that drives you to “go for it” at all costs.  Are you striving for that goal, or just crying for someone to get it for you?


The crawling stage can be pretty frustrating, but it’s almost always necessary if you want to learn to walk.  You don’t get to where you want to hals as quickly as you do when you learn to walk, but it builds the endurance and determination that you will need.


It’s amazing what you learn from your children!

Livin’ Out Loud,


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2 Responses to “A mile stone in childhood”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    Awesome insight, Al. One of the things I realize, as I think about your observations:
    We all have different skills; different things we can do. Sometimes it can be frustrating to watch others “walk” when we don’t even have the whole crawling thing down.
    But when we watch others who get what they want to easily and quickly, we really have 2 choices: we can bemoan the fact that they have it so easy, or we can get to our goal, however we need to, based on where we are right now.
    When I’m tempted to think my circumstances are tough, and that others have things easy, I’m going to try and think about Liam: if he can do his little half-circles to get where he wants to go, I can probably suck it up and deal with my own limitations, too.

  2. aldancyspeaks Says:

    Thanks for the thoughts Jeff!

    You’re right about having the 2 choices. Sometimes I find myself whining about having it tough. I liked what Billy said this Sunday morning. We never have it as bad as we think. When we get to thinking that we do, then think on the cross.


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