Hmm Hckjaf…May I have your attention please…

Now that I have your attention!

The moment you all have been waiting for has arrived…

I will now share my big and exciting news, which you can also read at Marty’s MoMo’s

As many of you know, Erica (my wife) went to the emergency room Friday afternoon.  She was having some stomach and back pains.  It started around 12:30, while we were having lunch together.

She said to me, “I need to put my head down for a minute, I’m not feeling that good.”  A few moments later she began crying.  For Erica to cry in public means 1 of 2 things.  Something is either terribly wrong or she is in excruciating pain.  My wife is tough, Marty can attest to this fact.  So, she had to have been in a ton of pain.

She could hardly walk, so I went up to the office and let my boss know I needed to take her home or to the Dr’s.  We took off, and spent about 30 minutes at home, then I decided this was really bad and we needed to get to the hospital.

Weeeelll, that was the difficult part.  We have just moved, and she doesn’t have a Primary Phys, or OBGYN.  Emergency room here we come.

We get there, and to make a long 8 hour story short…She was seen and they determined that she had an Ovarian Cyst that ruptured and a kidney stone, and she was pregnant!

Well, the pregnant part we knew…for about the last 3 weeks we have known, but the other stuff we had no clue about.

Well, we had a long weekend, she is recovering from the cyst and the kidney stone should pass soon.  Now, the pregnancy that should be all set in about another 8 months.

Livin’ Out Loud,


P.S.  in case you missed it.  The big news that Dancy Tres’ is on the way.  Praise God another little one on the way.

Fellowship Church is growing in an unexpected way it seems!


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6 Responses to “Hmm Hckjaf…May I have your attention please…”

  1. Marty Says:

    Great news Al, of course I knew but its good to see announcements up on the big screen

  2. billydotcom Says:

    Dude I knew it… People say there is something in the water at the church and I am starting to believe them.
    Congratulations to you and Erica… Or should I say Good Luck? I have been around your boys long enough so I am going to go with Good Luck.


  3. Shari Says:

    Congrats! I’m mad you didn’t call 😦

  4. brianhowe Says:

    Awesome man…hope Erica is feeling better. Congrats!

  5. Kevin Murrell Says:

    Congrats man! I just found you on here…awesome! I’ll have to link to your site now. We will be praying for Erica!

  6. aldancyspeaks Says:

    Thanks Kevin,
    Didn’t realize you were on here either. We are really excited.

    Hey Brian,
    I think I might steal your name my baby idea!??!

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