Why I will never use Enterprise Rent-A-Car

A friend of mine posted this situation here.  I’m not the kind of person to just pass on a chain email, or add to the internet hysteria that emails can or blog posts can cause or influence.  However, I am convinced that most companies have a complete disregard, and many times are totally inept when it comes to providing a quality customer service experience.

How many times have you gone into Best Buy or Circuit City, and walked around like a lost puppy, hoping that at some point someone will magically appear and offer you assistance?  After 30 minutes of waiting someone does, and they have almost no clue about the products their selling, has the personality of my hind quarters, doesn’t have any interest in you or helping you (probably because you broke in on their “macking” session with their female co-worker), and can’t wait for you to say, “I’m just looking around.”

I am not that old yet.  I won’t use the phrase back when I was a kid, cause technically I still am.  I can say this though.  When I got my first job, I was a dishwasher at Friendly’s Ice Cream, making about $5.75/hr, and had a tough boss. 

I was 15, and my Manager was Julie Sesslar.  She was an intimidating lady.  She demanded a certain level of performance, regardless of the position you held.  I was a dishwaher, which meant I clleande all the dirty dishes, scraped the food off, emptied the trash, cleared all the tables for the waitresses, and pretty much anything else she told me to do. 

I can remember working back there for about 5 months, and thinking, “Man this sucks. My feet are soaked, I smell like garbage mingled with smoke and grease, and my boss is a jerk.”  I kept this attitude up for those first 5 months, but there was a turning point.  I had recently learned that even at work we are to be a reflection of Christ, and I thought that my attitude was far from it.  I changed my attitude and within a few weeks my relationship with my boss changed.

I no longer saw her as tough and a jerk, but as someone that wanted to instill in those she managed a sense of pride n the work they did.  She helped me understand the importance of every position in a team, and that customer service is always the highest priority.

When was the last time you went to a restaurant and you were greeted within 1 minute of entereing the door…how many of you were actually greeted?  How about if you weren’t seated within 5 minutes, were you at least told, “We’ll be with you in a just a moment. Sorry for the wait.”?  I’m not complaining so much as I’m saying that it shows the attitude of people out their.

I have a couple last questions…I’ll bring it home to the Church, since that is my place of employment…

When people walk through the doors are they greeted within a decent amount of time?  Are they aimlessly looking around and there is no one making themself available to assist them?  Do they walk away feeling like they just had on of the most incredible customer service experiences of their lives?

Livin’ Out Loud,


2 Responses to “Why I will never use Enterprise Rent-A-Car”

  1. Tina Says:

    Al – I am right there with you! I am a huge believer in a positive customer experience – and will stop patronizing companies that do not seem to value that.
    As far as church goes – that is a core value at Northway Church – and all the Volunteers make it a point to enhance each person’s experience from the parking lot, through the door, to the refreshments, child care, rest rooms, seating, service, music – You Name It! Because you may have only one shot to reach someone who is seeking – and you are doing it for God – does it get any better than that!!!

  2. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    I 100% agree with all the observations about the church. And I love it when I see consumers deal with poor treatment by communicating this loudly, as folks are doing with Enterprise. However, as for the stuff about restaurants…
    I don’t know. There are 2 sides to this.

    First off if somebody does not have Jesus in their life, what is their motivation for exelling in these situations? As much as I can be pink-commie, I think sometimes we fail to be capitalist enough in recognizing these situations.
    When we’re operating simply out of money, not spiritual motivations, here’s how I see it:
    A company has a certain set of expectations for their employees. If there are a large pool of people who are willing and able to meet these expecations they will not pay much and the savings get passed on to the customer and we will eat comparitively cheaply.
    Lots of people have a mediocre work ethic. Lots of people aren’t very friendly. It’s easy to get this cheap. I actually dispute the claim that smiles and courtesy are free.
    The reality is that if you feel overworked and underpayed, and if you know that there a dozen other jobs that will similarly overwork and underpay you, then it’s a perfectally rational (not good, just rational) thing to do not supply things that look free like smiles and courtesy. The places that get employees to go that extra mile give their employees that extra mile… They give them a reason to want to smile, offer courtesy, go above and beyond. Most of these reasons have some sort-of financial cost even if it isn’t higher wages.
    I’d like to live in the world where people do the right thing. But I think even most followers of Christ are likely to work harder for more money. There is no excuse for out-and-out rudeness, but if I’m eating at a medium priced place as opposed to a cheap one, I realize that one of the things I’m paying for is worker attitude.

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