What is Worship

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned that I would be doing a study about worship.  I am still doing that. 

Hey! The Bible has a lot to say about the topic. So, cut me some slack okay!?

I noticed one thing so far.  The first real use of the Hebrew word for worship occurs in Genesis 22:5.  Some bible versions use the english word “Worship” for the Hebrew word that means “Call,” which is in Genesis 4:26.  But the actaul first mention of the word translated to English as “Worship” comes in chapter 22.

“Why is this important?” I hear ya out there!

Well one of the rules for Bible study is the Law of First Mention.  This method of Bible study teaches that the Bible will define its own terms within itself.  So, typically the first time a word is mentioned, if you use the context, you have a definition.

For instance. In the passage I mentioned just a few moments ago, we see Abraham and his son Isaac travelling with their servants.  Abraham tells the servants to wait there while he and his son go up the mountain to “Worship.”

Well, Abraham was instructed to sacrifice his one and only son that God had been promising for years, and who had finally arrived.  Kinda crazy huh?  And here goes Abe and Izzy up the hill to “Worship.”  So, I guess, using the law of bible study we just talked about, Abraham was going to worship God through sacrifice.

“Whoa, now Al!” It’s a hard thing to think that a form of worship, maybe the primary form of worshipping God is sacrifice!

What are you willing to sacrifice for God?

Livin’ Out Loud,


One Response to “What is Worship”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    How interesting, that is the first mention of the word.
    One of the things that I notice is that Abraham went to worship and he was willing to sacrifice everything in his expression of his love for his creator.
    Thank God that we’re not called to prove our faith matches Abraham. I couldn’t pass. And I know that’s not good.
    But the relevance to worship is maybe that we ought to love God fully, completely, and with out reservation… The more fully we love and trust him the more worshipful we are.

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