Who are these guys?

I was reading a blog by this friend of mine, she hosts an online show here.  She had an interview with Kyle MacDonald today on her site.  Well Kyle is very well know as the Red Paperclip Guy.  He posted an add on Craigslist for a red paperclip, requesting to trade it for something else.  Well, 14 trades and 1 year later, he ended up with a house.

It’s an awesome story, and as much as I am plugin’ his story, it’s not why I am writing this.  He is asking for help on something else that is challenging and very interesting.  Help me help him, if you can.

He posted this picture on his blog

He states that his brother picked it up some where. He has challenged and asked people to help him find out who these guys are. So, I am challenging all of you out there to pitch in and help. 

I think we can do it, but I definitely need your help.  Let’s find them!

Who are these guys?

Livin’ Out Loud,

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