I am 10,511 days old today

This post takes part in Randy Elrod’s Watercooler Wednesdays.

I haven’t really had the drive to blog lately. Partly because life is very busy and partly because I have been in a little funk. I also think it is partly because I have been struck in my heart, and feel that I shouldn’t be using my company’s paid time to be doing non-work things. A little WWJD from the Holy Spirit maybe…Well, I am back in the game officially.

I have been sooooo busy lately, and have been trying to balance it all. Sometimes successfully, other times “not so much.” It is a cahllenge that I am truly excited about though, and I will certainly tell you why.

I calculated that I am 10,511 years old today. That calculation was, of course, with the help of this tool. Very, very interesting!

The idea that I will someday pass on, die, expire, is a bit morbid, and disturbing.  It is also one that can motivate. I realized that I have already spent many days of my life. According to most experts, I have lived just ove 1/3 of my days. 

So, I have dedicated myself to living the remainder of my days with passion, vision, and a true sense of making an impact for eternal things. I want my family to know I love them, my church to know that I would give anything I possibly could to help them, and I want to make an impact in this world for the Glory and Kingdom of God. I want every day I live to have some point to it, and I know God does too.

I am excited for 2 reasons:

Someday, I will pass from this scene, and stand face to face with the Saviour who loved me, and died the most painful death. And all the while He thought of me. I will finally be able to wrap my arms around His neck, and see Him for all He is. That will be the pinnacle of my life.

I am also excited, because in the meantime, I have a beautiful wife that I get to love and be loved by. I have 2 boys, and another little baby on the way, that I get to pour my soul, my heeart, my life into. All four with whom I get to spend a lifetime of heartache, love, passion, and a never ending pursuit of glorifying God together.

What in my life don’t I have to be excited about?

What are you excited about? How many days old are you, and how many do you plan living with purpose?

Finally Livin’ Out Loud Again,


2 Responses to “I am 10,511 days old today”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    #1) You rock.
    #2) I’d been missing your blogging.
    #3) As one voice from your church, I hope you know you know that we’d give whatever we’ve got for you, too.
    #4) I couldn’t follow this link from Watercooler Wednesdays. Unlike you I have no major issue with taking a few minutes of “company” time… but it could be the school’s internet connection, it is a little slow today.

  2. Audra Krell Says:

    Well I’ve only got 20400 more days to go. I better make the best of them! : )

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