Happy Birthday Wyatt

I Just Found This Post…I am sooo slow sometimes!


So, my oldest is officially 3 years young today. It’s amazing how much he has grown, how much he has learned, and how much he has changed.  He is quite a terrific blend of Erica and I.

He has her temper and her drive.  He also has her care for what some would view as ordinary, but they view as important details of life. He makes me stop when I am so focussed on getting things done, and look around at some pretty important stuff I would have glanced over and missed enjoying with him. He is just like his mom. I love it.

He has much of my personality. He is so outgoing; a real people person. He genuinely cares for people, and you can see that he feels bad if his words or actions hurt someone. He is generous, kind, and full of questions and wonder. Having an inquisitive son makes you have to work hard at explaining things, and at creatively explaining things so he will really get it.

So happy Birthday Son!

Your Dad Loves You!

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