New York City…Justice?

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So, I was listening to the radio the other morning, and I heard them talking about this guy Jimmy Justice.  I was intrigued, to say the least, about this guy who takes it upon himself to confront the hypocrisy that has embed itself in the NY City law-enforcement department.

Basically he videotapes members of the law-enforcement department of New York city violoating traffic laws, and then confronts them about it. Some have gotten pretty upset, others give plent of excuses, and some are threatening.  He has presented his evidence to different city officials, and has yet to have his complaints taken serious.

I have thought long and hard about this situation. I whole-heartedly agree with his stance, and his feelings of frustration to see people who swear to uphold the law, publicly break it. Better yet, they write citizens tickets, and then (as if to smack us in the face) turn around and break the exact same law. It is ridiculous!

What is incredible to me is, that this level of disregard for upholding the law, is not only evident in the city or town sector, but is found throughout our various branches of local, state and federal government. Hypocrisy is a rampant disease that is found in every jurisdiction, in every branch of government.

I’m right there with you Jimmy! I am fed up with someone telling me, “Do as I say, not as I do!” I cannot stand hearing a politician make a promise, knowing that he blowing nothing but smoke up my butt. Am I to understand that I am as ignorant as they think? It’s like the saying in the South, “He’s such a nice boy, bless his heart!”

I am tired of spiritual leaders that tote a standard, holding people to some long list of rules and regualtions. All the while they are more filthy and corrupt than any “Sinner” they bash. It’s their secret sin.  As long as no one else knows about it they assume it’s “ok” for them to have it.

Now all of this ramps me up, gets my fire stoked, and thinkning of a revolting against the establishment, but then something else happens. I look in the mirror, and realize my own condition. I recognize how often I am just as hypocrtical as some of the “Leaders” that frustrate me. I remember that I can hold my head high, not because I am successful at living up to a holy standard, but because I have been showered with the Grace and Mercy of a God that loved me, and gave His Son for me.

I once again remember that I am nothing more then a man who was far from God, but was brought back to God, through Jesus Christ…

Wow…It amazes me how quick I am to judge the sins of others, how quickly I can see the hypocrisy in others, and yet how slow I am to remember my own sin and failures.

I am proud of Jimmy Justice. I hope that he doesn’t do this just to bring attention to himself. Everything I’ve read and heard from him says the opposite, but I hope it’s sincere. I agree with him, and stand with him to say enough is enough. Would the real leaders, those who want to actually stand for something, not just anything, but things that are right, please stand up and take your place in our world.

I’m calling myself out. A call to myself to stop “playing” and be real. Stop pretending I’m something I’m not, and start living out wyho God has made me to be.

I love Justice; the idea of righting wrongs. However, I know that Justice isn’t always about righting wrongs, but also includes standing for what is right no matter what the mainstream, your friends and family thinks.  It will take some of us being uncomfortable, willing to be ridiculed, and maybe even disliked or hated.

So, if you have a heart condition, can’t stomach change, are prone to failing, you mess things up pretty badly (often), know that you are in good company. I’m right there with you! The hope I offer is this: As we become honest with God, ourselves, and others, we will see a change. It may not be a world change, but it will change your sphere of influence.

Livin’ Out Loud,


2 Responses to “New York City…Justice?”

  1. Audra Krell Says:

    Authenticity and honest transparency are the only things that draw people to each other. Change has to begin somewhere, let ie begin with you and me. Amen.

  2. marina Says:

    Great writing – you sucked me right in, I was ready to join the anti-hypocrisy crusade, then you sucker-punched me – you’re so right, I (we) can be so quick to judge without mercy, to criticize without grace, to gossip and slander without love…the list of my own sins and shortcomings and failures would be pretty incriminating if Justice was to be carried out on me…I desperately need grace and mercy and love from God through his Son, Jesus.

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