“It’s called the American Dream…

The rest of it goes like this:

Because you have to be asleep to believe it!  

 Let me just say thank you George Carlin!

Now, there are many things about George Carlin that I quickly and adamantly disagree with.  I am not a big suporter of cuss words.  I’m not saying I’m perfect or holy, but I try to stay away from using certain words.  He on the other hand has no such issue.

I will say this for him though, I believe he was a genius.  He had a whit, a way of looking at things that was so different and many times polar opposite what would be termed “P.C.” or mainstream.  And he never gave a crap about it.  I like that he didn’t mince words when he saw something that was ridiculous in society. 

He was a prophet…Not in biblical sense!  Not in that I think he spoke the very words of God.  Heck!  He didn’t speak any words of God unless it was to curse.  He was a prophet in the sense that he proclaimed something, regardless of the backlash.

As I reflected today on what I knew about him, and what I have read and seen, it made me think of a couple things:

He said what hethought was right regardless of the backlash…

1. sometimes saying it like it is isn’t easy

2. Sometimes saying it like it is will get you in trouble/make you unpopular

He actually cared

1. Sometimes caring isn’t easy

2. Sometimes caring will get you into trouble, and even make you unpopular

“So what Al?! Who cares about how some crazy, hippy, heretic felt.  And who really cares about what some God hater said!”

Well, how much more should we as Christinas be willing to stand up and say what is right?  Especially when we have the very words of truth, that are eternal, applicable, and the power of life!

How much more should we care?  Especially since we have the love of Christ!

Livin’ Out Loud,


2 Responses to ““It’s called the American Dream…”

  1. Jane Says:

    We just had a great discussion the other night and it boiled down to the simple question: Whose opinion matters? Answer: God’s. Pretty powerful thought…

  2. aldancyspeaks Says:

    Hi Jane! First of all, thanks for checking out the Blog, and for posting a thought. Too true about your comment. I believe it should always come back to whose opinion matters most. Too bad not all Christians truly take the opinion of the Father into account.

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