Baby Girls

Now anyone who has known for a even a little while can attest that I have not been in favor of having a baby girl.  Not that I dislike girls…I am quite fond of them, which is why I married a woman.  I’ve just never thought that I w…Well, it’s that I dislike drama!

“Al! Open mouth, insert foot you fool.”

I know I better stop while the whole is only yeah deep.

Let me first say this!  My wife is the least dramatic person I know.  She has a certain nack for keeping her emotions in check (which, if you have ever been pregnant or lived with a woman who is/was, you know is extremely difficult).  Well, my wife is certainly no drama queen, and I love that about her.  I’m not sure I would have married her if she had been one. 

I’m a man who is sensitive, in touch with his feelings, and certainly not afraid to allow other people to see this side either.  I just didn’t like lots of drama in my life.  I like people to tell me like it is, without the situation being enhanced or exagerated by drama.

Have you ever seen the movie “Dan in Real Life?”

Well, if not…

Rent it! 

If so, then you’ll laugh with me at this…

There’s a point where his middle daughter is upset, becuase Dan discovers that her boyfriend has paid a surprise visit to her during the family vacation.  Well, Dan kicks her boyfrie sends her boyfriend back to his own parents, very nicely and politely.  She hugs the boy through the window, and chases after the car as the boy is ushered away.

The next line is golden.  She says, “You are a murderer of Love!”

Oh Yeah!!! Exactly what I am not hoping for.

See, it seems anyways, that boys are lot less dramatic.  I love the thought that I know what to expect for the most part from my 2 boys.  I know it’s perfectly normal that they develop an interest in certain body parts of their own, and at some point later in life of the opposite sex.  I can understand their thinking…not approve of it, but I get where their coming from.

Girls are a bit more foreign to me I guess.

I say all of this to broadcast to the world that

I am the proudest father to be of a darling baby girl!

From the guy who always said he would never have a girl; the same guy who gets it wrong some times.  I am so excited that my wife will no longer be completely overwhelmed by the testosterone in the house.  She will have someone to teach the finer qualities of womanhood to.  She will have a little princess to mold into a lovely woman. 

And I will finally know what it’s like to have your heart outside of your body.  This delicate, little girl that will grow up before my eyes,a nd some day be a woman.

Wow how we change throughout our lives.  I know I have, have you?

What are some things that you thought you had nailed down, but then found you were way off?

Livin’ Out Loud,

2 Responses to “Baby Girls”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I knew you would blog as soon as you found out! Congrats on the little girl.. Isn’t it amazing when that ultrasound tech tells you “it’s a …girl/boy/monkey/whatever…” Suddenly, that’s exactly what you wanted it to be?

  2. aldancyspeaks Says:

    I have come to grips with the fact that I know absolutely SKWAT! Little girls are beautiful, they probably smell a whole lot better then boys too. Too true that once you see the “image?” that becomes exactly what you always wanted!

    Either way: Boy or Girl, the baby is exactly what we wanted!

    Thanks for the comment.

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