Oh Brother

So, I have a big little brother…”What are you smoking Al!?!?”

Good question!  It’s true, I have a big little brother. My brother Christian, is about 6 years younger than me, and about 8″…That’s eight inches…taller than me.  My brother is an incredible guy.  He has a huge heart (no pun intended), he is giving, and also forgiving.  He sticks up for the underdog and likes mentoring the younger guys.

My bro’ is an incredible musician as well.  He is currently in 2 bands, studying music full time, and teaching full time.  I have a ton of respect for the hard work and the effort he is putting into pursuing music as a career.

Why am I writing about my brother?  It hit me when he and his friend Will made their radio debut at the Q99.7fm two weeks ago.  My brother, the little guy that wanted to follow me everywhere as a kid, the one who tattled to our mom when my friends would swear in front of him, the one who was the same size as me at 10 (that makes me 16 at the time) and yet was a little baby if I wrestled him.  The one who when he was born I couldn’t wait to hold, couldn’t wait to help my mom change his diaper, and couldn’t help but constantly ask if I could get him dressed or comb his hair.

He and I have been through a few fights, one which we still don’t agree on who won ( Yes, I won! Of course!).  I have seen him go through some difficult times in his walk with God, in his relationship with our parents, and our sister.  He may not have done it happily, but he can sometimes admit when he is wrong. 

I write this because has changed.  I write because I see the man that God is helping him to become.  I write this because he is bigger than me, and I love that I have a Big little brother.

So, Christian, I write this post for you.  You are a great man!  You inspire me in many ways, and I don’t think I have ever told you that.  You just keep on looking to God for His direction and grace.  And don’t stop no matter what!

Love your Little Big Brother,



This post was written as part of Watercooler Wednesdays

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