Hey Merica…A Sad Day

If you haven’t heard the news, you can find it here. Yesterday America lost a shining comic, Bernie Mac.  I am not making a joke here people!  I was as surprised as many of your probably are.

He was a genius comic actor, and hilarious stand up comedian. He will be greatly missed.

2 Responses to “Hey Merica…A Sad Day”

  1. djandy4000 Says:

    the bernie mac show as one of the very few shows on television (much less Fox) that I enjoyed, and he will certainly be missed…

    on a happier note, check out my video playlist of some comedic gems…


  2. czarthoughts Says:

    “I ain’t scared of you m—– —k–s!” HILARIOUS! Not the best use of language all the time, but some classic laughs.

    I learned lots from him in the field of communication. Gonna miss him

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