This post is not about something that is so valuable, it is impossible to determine its full worth persay.  So, if you’re looking for some keen insight into finances, love or treasures of the heart….Please STOP reading this Now!

This post is about why it never pays to be cheap!!!

I secured a babysitter for Friday nigth o Erica and I could go out.  I ddn’t skimp on that piece, so there went $25 for the evening.  Which you will soon agree was worth every penny!

This babysitting enable Erca and I to have our first date night in about 2 months.   Have noticed that she and I really needed some time together, apart from the kids, from schedules and other pieces of life that so often keep her and I from alone time.  We did what every married couple probably does when they have this exciting opportunity…

It wasn’t sex, cause that would be awkward.  We would have either had to get “busy” in our bedroom, which would have been weird for us and the babysitter.  We would have had to rent a hotel room, andthen wouldn’t even hve slept in the bed…

We didn’t have a candle light dinner.  Although that would have been awesome.

We didn’t star gaze, and stare up into the heavens and get all philosophical or spiritual either!

We went to…Target!  Yup, just plain old Target.  Now that’s not pronounced Tar Get…In our household it is pronounced Tar-Jey, and the “J” is pronounced like it is in Jovan Musk.

Don’t ask why I am so random sometimes.  Although it could have to do with me drinking a Rockstar energy drink!?!?!?

Well, after our lovely time at Tar-Jey, we headed to Uno’s for some appetizers.  Why are they called appetizers?  They never increase my appetite.  They don’t get me ready for my meal.  If anything they make me so full that by the time my meal comes I can’t eat what I ordered.  That’s why we only ordered appetizers this time!!!

See me can real smart!

Let me step back just a few minutes before walking into Uno’s.

Rewind please!!!!  And here is where the title “Priceless” comes into play.

Parking your car in the parking garage, $5

Parking your car in the Honey Farms parking lot instead, $0

Walking out of Uno’s and seeing a tow truck getting ready to tow your sorry, cheap, chincy, can’t spend $5, can’t get the nerve up to get out of the car and ask the reeter where the parking is that Uno’s actually validates (Oh yeah!  Uno’s validates up to 2 hours for parking in the garage directly accross the street!)


Lesson learned: Don’t be cheap; you look foolish and hey, it’s only a few extra bucks.  She may think more of you for it.  Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know!

Livin’ Out Loud,


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