How does God feel about homosexuality?

This was a question posed by my friend Jeff, and he asked me to weigh in on it.  This is just a short reply. I’ll have some more to share soon.

Whoa…Where to begin my friend. This response will have to be in multiple posts. I will post them here, but also on my site.

It will be multiple, because I am leaving work shortly and don’t have much time to write this.

Is it wrong that there is a ‘legitimate’ “end to the experiences you and I feel?” Should something be legitimizeed because someone feels bad about what they are doing? Why is it wrong to call something wrong/sin. we ahve no problem calling something like pedophilia wrong/sin, or alcohol/drug abuse wrong/sin. Then why would it be wrong to call homosexuality wrong/sin?

Ok, I want to touch on the Gay marriage thing. I’m looking at this from 2 points.

1. Marriage is a moral/religious instituition that the government has no business being involved in. The government should be in the business of making law that governs our society. I don’t see marriage as a civil liberty, because I view it as a religious right. A person has the right to be called “married” under the confinds of religious authority or religious whatever…I don’t believe it should be the government’s right or responsibility to put a stamp of approval on matters that are religious. Call it a civil union, with all the same rights that married couples have, but do not call it marriage. I believe that it should be a civil union for unreligious anyones.

That is not discriminatory, it is separation of Church and State. Isn’t that what so many people scream about, and fight to maintain?

2. What we call “marriage” is religiously between 1 man and 1 woman, and should be maintained in the confines of religious establishments. If we are in the context of the Bible, and going by the example that was established from the beginning and continued throughout human history, then is there really any credible argument against that. Can we argue then that any religious definition or example is or has been anything but 1 man with 1 woman.

I think in many cases it is validation that people want. The homosexual community wants the rest of America to validate who they are and what they do. Please tell me if I am wrong on this. Homosexuals want to feel as if they are “normal” human beings that are just as ok as a straight person.

If “marriage,” referring to the thing that everyone is fighting over currently, is defined as a union between people that love each other and want to be committed to one another, then why stop at it being 1 man and 1 woman or 1 man and 1 man etc. Why not make it 2 women and a penguin, or 1 man, 1 woman, a child, and their dog?

That’s my first rant. I have some really good responses to some of your points that I’ll write soon.

The first way in which I am agnostic (response)

This is a response to a post my friend Jeff put up on his wonderful Blog.

Wow…I’m impressed with this post.  Being honest with yourself is not easy, but being honest for the world to potentially read is even more difficult.  I’m curious to hear some of the arguments that view God as pro-homosexuality, or at least He views it as a non-issue.  Is God then also pro-gluttony or drug abuse, spousal abuse…etc. I’m not being sarcastic in any way either.  I hope you read this with the understanding that I am a guy that is imperfect and fallen, and sometimes clueless about things.

I guess it comes back to my world view, and also what my view of the scriptures is.  Part of my world view is that truth is absolute regardless of the time in history, the culture, or the popular agenda/opinion.  Furthermore I believe that the Word of God is not an evolving document like the constitution.  His word, as it says in 1Pt 1:24-25, abides/remains/lasts forever.  It doesn’t fail, it never fades, it is eternal and always truth.

From what I read it seems pretty clear that God has a problem with homosexuality.  Any time it is mentioned, it is not in a good context or in an approving tone.  Even in the NT it is not viewed as acceptable, but as sinful.  So, why would that have changed now.  Is it because we are so much more advanced and our understanding of cultures and language and science etc., etc. is so great that we have now become an authority to determine that something that was viewed as sinful is no longer. So, is cheating on my wife no longer viewed by God as sin?

Can we argue that people feel that it is in their nature, oh yeah! My nature was to go after every chick that was out there and shack up.  Had any of them been interested in me, I might have been with many, but that’s another story!:)

That was my nature.  If I did not develop the understanding that this is not how God created me to be, but is an unfortunate side effect to my sinful nature, I would have continued in it even while I am married.  I’m sure my wife would not approve, even if God did! 

I have to work on keeping my body/flesh/sinful nature in check so I do not carry out the things that I so want to do.  Is this any more or even any less the struggle that my gay brothers and lesbian sisters go through.  My struggle with sin is ever present, just as it is for them, just as it is for an alcoholic, or someone who can’t control their eating.  I am in no way condemning any sinner, because we are all born condemned due to our sin.  I am for pointing all sinners to the wonderful cross that bids us all to come and die…die to ourselves, our wants, our desires- no matter how noble or un-noble they are – and find life in the Christ, who was our ultimate example of denial.

I guess that’s just it.  If we want to call ourselves Christ followers, then we better get ready to deny ourselves and follow His example.

I love you Jeff!  I’m glad we’re friends, and I’m even more glad that we work together for eternal things.

Glad We’re Livin’ Out Loud Together


Tune Out To Tune In


Another week ended, and another began.  I looked to yesterday (Monday) with a new anticipation.  I didn’t look ahead in the book, so I didn’t know what this weeks challenge would be.  I opened the book yesterday whie I was on my lunch break and began reading the short article for Monday #2.

Immediately I was grabbed by the picture of a sledge hammer bashing in a T.V. Screen and the phrase “turn off tv, turn on life.”  Short & sweet, and man is that simple.  Which is great for my mind, because I need something that gets to the point quickly, but says it with power.  The article ended with some facts and a challenge.

It is incredible to think that 70% of people say that no matter how had they try, they never have enough time to do everything they need to do.  It is even more incredible to me that I would claim that, and I am part of the tribe of 70% ers that claim that.  The article points out that if I turned off the T.V. for one day per week, I would have enough time to exercise for the recommended weekly amount necessary for healthy living, read over 20 books a year, or spend more time with my loved ones.

Man…that’s pretty stinking incredible.  By giving up one day of loafing on the couch, probably watching crap or re-run crap, I can get so much more done.  Amazing, absolutely amazing.

So, what have I learned – other than the fact that I waste a lot of time on the couch in front of a glowing box??

2 things.

1.  Reality should not be found on TV. 

It should be found in real life.  The characters should be real people, with real struggles and real emotion.

2.  I need to get involved.  (Tune out to tune in)

I need to be sure that my life is full when I have those real people I mentioned above actually tuned in and hanging out in my life, and me in their’s. 

It is so much more fun, and not to mention fulfilling, to live in the real world, with real people.  I can be involved in the drama if I want.  I can be a part of the solution – or the cause- if I choose to.  I can actually get in on the good times and build relationships with people, which will last much longer than the half hour to an hour that my shows will give me.

So, what have I decided to do with my knew found knowledge?  I decided to take one full day off of watching the “tube.”  I will no longer spend time watching TV, which includes video games, on Fridays.  This is not an easy thing for me, but it will do so much in getting me on track and focused on more important things!

Every Monday Matters… “Stop watching reruns of FRIENDS and go make some”

Livin’ Out Loud, but not Alone,


What Matters Most?

Monday I wrote about a new book I’m reading.  “Every Monday Matters” is a challenge to take one of the most dreaded and down right awful days of the week and turn it into a day that matters.  Mondays would become a day to look forward to.   A day filled with excitement, and one that you are enthusiastic about starting eaching week.  Why?

Because you would be taking each Monday to attempt to make your life and that of the people around you different. 

This week I was challenged to list what is most important to me.  I have several things that I have determined are most important, but I’ll focus on the most important thing this post.  I broke down this “most” into a couple different parts.

Relationships: I believe relationships are one of the greatest gifts that God has given us.  It is certainly one of the innate desires that He has created us with.  Each one of us longs for other people to be on our side, another person or people to relate to and that relate to us.  Without relationships, life is lonely and would certainly be boring.  God understood this from the beginning of creation, and directly address is when He said, “It’s not good for man to be alone.”

God’s purpose was for mankind to have a relationship with Him and in turn with one another.  This is why I have chosen relationships to be the most important thing to me.

1. God – I want this to be the most important realtionship I have.  I want all other relationships to directly flow out of my relationship with God.  If I have intimacy with Him, the hope is that intimacy will flow into my other relationships.  It can be tough to keep this as the most important thing, but I will keep on trying and striving to make it numero uno.

2. Erica (My Wife) – She is the 2nd most important relationship I have.  There are many times that this realtionship is in competition with, and some times even takes priority over my relationship with God.  She is my partner for life, the one that knows me better than anyone else will or can, and she is the person that I have committed my heart, mind and body to.  We serve God together.  We raise our children and build our family together…Wow!  I could go on forever.

3. My Children – Wyatt, Liam and coming soon (12/04/08) Charlotte.  I want to have a great relationship with my children.  Not as their friend, althought I want them to feel as comfortable with me as they do their friends.  I want there to be a respect in our relationship, but more so I want there to be love.  I want them to experience the love of their father.  And I want that love they experience through our relationship to mirror the same love that the Heavenly Father has for them.  Again I want my relationship with God to flow into all others, and all my others to flow out of my relationship with God.

What’s most important to you?

Livin’ Out Loud,


Every Monday Matters


For those of you who have followed me, you’ll notice I’ve been absent from writing for quite some time now.  I’ll cover that at another time, since I have something so incredible to write about.  I think it will be life changing. Not just for my life, but those around me, and also those around those people, etc.

So, today I begin a journey to make every Monday count.  I began reading a book, which is entitled “Every Monday Matters.”  You should check it out here.

Most people dread Mondays, especially Monday mornings.  I’m right there with ya man!!  I hate getting up out of bed…Well that’s something I hate everyday, not just Mondays.

Each Monday I will have an activity that I am working on.  Sometimes it will require me to enlist help, sometimes it will require me to sacrifice.  Alls I know is, this is going to be one incredible journey.  Today’s activity is to compile a list of what matters most to me.  I’ll be working on it tonight, and I’ll share some of it tomorrow.

I am so excited to do this, and just as excited to share it with all of you.

Finally Livin’ Out Loud Again,