Every Monday Matters


For those of you who have followed me, you’ll notice I’ve been absent from writing for quite some time now.  I’ll cover that at another time, since I have something so incredible to write about.  I think it will be life changing. Not just for my life, but those around me, and also those around those people, etc.

So, today I begin a journey to make every Monday count.  I began reading a book, which is entitled “Every Monday Matters.”  You should check it out here.

Most people dread Mondays, especially Monday mornings.  I’m right there with ya man!!  I hate getting up out of bed…Well that’s something I hate everyday, not just Mondays.

Each Monday I will have an activity that I am working on.  Sometimes it will require me to enlist help, sometimes it will require me to sacrifice.  Alls I know is, this is going to be one incredible journey.  Today’s activity is to compile a list of what matters most to me.  I’ll be working on it tonight, and I’ll share some of it tomorrow.

I am so excited to do this, and just as excited to share it with all of you.

Finally Livin’ Out Loud Again,


One Response to “Every Monday Matters”

  1. Kim Says:

    This sounds awesome! I’m right with you on Monday mornings. Ever heard “Boomtown Rats..I don’t like Mondays. I was a huge Boomtown Rats fan and, well, that was probably my theme song through my college years…and beyond! Not much has changed about Mondays(except that I no longer listen to The Boomtown Rats! I guess my admission to being a Rats fan dates me a little as well gives you an idea as to what type of crowd I used to run with. A lot has changed there…no more skateboards and mohawks for me…but my dislike for Monday Mornings has remained. I am interested to see what it would be like to start the week thinking about making a difference (at 6AM monday morning)!
    Keep living out loud!

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