Tune Out To Tune In


Another week ended, and another began.  I looked to yesterday (Monday) with a new anticipation.  I didn’t look ahead in the book, so I didn’t know what this weeks challenge would be.  I opened the book yesterday whie I was on my lunch break and began reading the short article for Monday #2.

Immediately I was grabbed by the picture of a sledge hammer bashing in a T.V. Screen and the phrase “turn off tv, turn on life.”  Short & sweet, and man is that simple.  Which is great for my mind, because I need something that gets to the point quickly, but says it with power.  The article ended with some facts and a challenge.

It is incredible to think that 70% of people say that no matter how had they try, they never have enough time to do everything they need to do.  It is even more incredible to me that I would claim that, and I am part of the tribe of 70% ers that claim that.  The article points out that if I turned off the T.V. for one day per week, I would have enough time to exercise for the recommended weekly amount necessary for healthy living, read over 20 books a year, or spend more time with my loved ones.

Man…that’s pretty stinking incredible.  By giving up one day of loafing on the couch, probably watching crap or re-run crap, I can get so much more done.  Amazing, absolutely amazing.

So, what have I learned – other than the fact that I waste a lot of time on the couch in front of a glowing box??

2 things.

1.  Reality should not be found on TV. 

It should be found in real life.  The characters should be real people, with real struggles and real emotion.

2.  I need to get involved.  (Tune out to tune in)

I need to be sure that my life is full when I have those real people I mentioned above actually tuned in and hanging out in my life, and me in their’s. 

It is so much more fun, and not to mention fulfilling, to live in the real world, with real people.  I can be involved in the drama if I want.  I can be a part of the solution – or the cause- if I choose to.  I can actually get in on the good times and build relationships with people, which will last much longer than the half hour to an hour that my shows will give me.

So, what have I decided to do with my knew found knowledge?  I decided to take one full day off of watching the “tube.”  I will no longer spend time watching TV, which includes video games, on Fridays.  This is not an easy thing for me, but it will do so much in getting me on track and focused on more important things!

Every Monday Matters… “Stop watching reruns of FRIENDS and go make some”

Livin’ Out Loud, but not Alone,


One Response to “Tune Out To Tune In”

  1. Tina Says:

    Just came across this article http://www.dailygood.org/more.php?n=3513 which seems to support your cause…
    Wanna get happy? Turn off the TV! It might help!

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