How does God feel about homosexuality?

This was a question posed by my friend Jeff, and he asked me to weigh in on it.  This is just a short reply. I’ll have some more to share soon.

Whoa…Where to begin my friend. This response will have to be in multiple posts. I will post them here, but also on my site.

It will be multiple, because I am leaving work shortly and don’t have much time to write this.

Is it wrong that there is a ‘legitimate’ “end to the experiences you and I feel?” Should something be legitimizeed because someone feels bad about what they are doing? Why is it wrong to call something wrong/sin. we ahve no problem calling something like pedophilia wrong/sin, or alcohol/drug abuse wrong/sin. Then why would it be wrong to call homosexuality wrong/sin?

Ok, I want to touch on the Gay marriage thing. I’m looking at this from 2 points.

1. Marriage is a moral/religious instituition that the government has no business being involved in. The government should be in the business of making law that governs our society. I don’t see marriage as a civil liberty, because I view it as a religious right. A person has the right to be called “married” under the confinds of religious authority or religious whatever…I don’t believe it should be the government’s right or responsibility to put a stamp of approval on matters that are religious. Call it a civil union, with all the same rights that married couples have, but do not call it marriage. I believe that it should be a civil union for unreligious anyones.

That is not discriminatory, it is separation of Church and State. Isn’t that what so many people scream about, and fight to maintain?

2. What we call “marriage” is religiously between 1 man and 1 woman, and should be maintained in the confines of religious establishments. If we are in the context of the Bible, and going by the example that was established from the beginning and continued throughout human history, then is there really any credible argument against that. Can we argue then that any religious definition or example is or has been anything but 1 man with 1 woman.

I think in many cases it is validation that people want. The homosexual community wants the rest of America to validate who they are and what they do. Please tell me if I am wrong on this. Homosexuals want to feel as if they are “normal” human beings that are just as ok as a straight person.

If “marriage,” referring to the thing that everyone is fighting over currently, is defined as a union between people that love each other and want to be committed to one another, then why stop at it being 1 man and 1 woman or 1 man and 1 man etc. Why not make it 2 women and a penguin, or 1 man, 1 woman, a child, and their dog?

That’s my first rant. I have some really good responses to some of your points that I’ll write soon.

5 Responses to “How does God feel about homosexuality?”

  1. Fred Conwell Says:

    My Jesus makes the definition of sin (and so sinners) easy. He bases and defines ALL sin on lack of love (Matthew 22:36-40). Such obvious sins as theft, murder and adultery are unloving because each has a victim, someone not receiving love. Can a Gay person be sinful by themselves, with only the attraction to their own gender? So the attraction is sinful?

    And so, if that Gay person has a lover (as I prefer to call my mate), which is the unloved victim in that homosexual relationship? Neither, of course. Neither is unloved, neither is hurt? Who could bring suit against the “sinner”? I guess you alread have noticed that no Gospel writer nor prophet proclaimed homosexuality as sinful? Jesus didn’t, of course. My questions are not rhetorical; they usually remain unanswered by those who refuse God’s grace and live by working the law.

    Certainly if God didn’t want men to have sex with other men, He would have said “Man shall not lie with man PERIOD (Leviticus 18:22, 21:13). God wanted Moses to eradicate rampant idolatry in the Jewish nation. That whole “ . . . as with a woman” thing condemns straight men pretending to make it with a woman, such as during idol worship. Paul explains it further when putting down the straight Romans (1:26-28 ) for “leaving their natural relations” (i.e…. as with a woman) and having idolatrous sex with men. Gay men are attracted to other men by definition and by God. They can only imagine what sex
    “ . . . as with a woman” would be like.

    “Homosexual” was coined about 1865, so any Bible translation since then that uses a form of that word is a lie that needs to be emended. My King James version is honest and homosexual-free. That word premiered in a 1946 English Bible and continues to condemn loving Gays.

    It is noteworthy that Gay people employ themselves in loving professions like medicine, education and the ministry. However, some Christians evidently work in the Biblical judicial system.

  2. Spencer Conroy Says:

    Hey Al, I just wanted to jump in the conversation briefly.

    My personal opinion on the issue of homosexuality is a bit different from both yours. From where I stand the issue at present is less ” is homosexuality wrong” and more “should our government outlaw it.” Should they throw people in jail for taking part in a act which is forbidden by the Bible. I personally feel that they should not. I feel that the role of government is to protect the freedoms of its citizens, not to impose the beliefs of any one religion on the populace as a whole. I believe that homosexuality is wrong as stated in the Bible, but that it is God’s job to judge them not ours.

    I think that alcoholism is Biblically wrong. It is illegal… no. In our great country, the only thing that restricts what we can do is protection on other people’s rights. If homosexuals want to act in a way that God may not approve of… thats fine from a legal standpoint as long as it doesn’t impinge on my rights.

    Marriage IS more than a religious institution. The government became involved with it as soon as they started issuing “Marriage” Licenses and allowing “married” people to submit joint tax returns. They already do put a stamp of approval on marriage by recognizing it. If you and your religion want to discredit homosexuals… than thats cool… nobody is asking you to accept them(some people probably are I’m just not). For the govenrment to recognize one religion’s couples as “married” and to call everyone else “civil unions” would effectively be affirming one religion over the others. To me the arguement is so trivial because it is merely an arguement over a word which is nothing more than society’s creation which is used to convey meaning. You are trying to redefine a word that people have already defined in order to fit your purposes.

    If we were to ask government to stay our of religion’s affairs, then we should apply that rule accross the board. Justice is not selective, and therefore, it should be a “civil union” for everyone if you are going to ask the government to use it for one sect of people.

    I always wonder why people arguing against homosexuality go straight to the why dont we define marriage as, “Why not make it 2 women and a penguin, or 1 man, 1 woman, a child, and their dog?” The point doesnt hold water, since it make a massive leap in logic and falls flat on its face. What makes a person different from an animal? It is the ability for rational thought. Tho creatures with the capability for rational thought can make a decision to be together forever… however a dog or a penguin can not. I guess then, you could expand that into… should handicapped people be allowed to wed… and if not then who gets to decide the level of mental limitations at which we say… no you don’t know what you are doing so you can’t get married. But its a man and a woman! It must be better that two opposing sex people who are vegetables get married than two men or to women, right? I couldn’t imagine that anyone say that that would be true.

    There are thousands of hetero-couples out there who are just disfunctional messes, and have no right being married. Why is there no massive outcry from the church about these pathetic marriages filled with sin, but as soon as the sex on one of the people change its a huge deal? Some of the gay couples wanting to be married have more of a right to be recognized by the government as “married” than many straight “married” couples in America today. I just want to restate that the term “married” in my opinion is refering to the government’s recognition of a union. If you and God and the Church don’t want to call it that… then thats cool… but why do you or the church think that you have the right to tell someone else what to call it.

    Now I’ve spent much to much time writing this, and there are probably all sorts of typos, confusing wordings, and other things like that in here, but I don’t want to look through it.

    This wasn’t meant to be an attack at you Al… just wanted to throw out another opinion.

  3. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    As the knucklehead who soty of started this whole debate, I wanted to chime in.

    I don’t know if either of the writers of the above comments know Al or not, on a personal level.

    Obviously, I don’t agree with everything he wrote here.

    But for just for the record, Al is one of the kindest and most loving human beings you’d ever meet.
    I know that if Al met somebody, regardfless of sexual orientation, what they would experience first is his kindness and acceptance.
    I recognize that there are Christians who are quite gleeful about finding somebody to judge. Al isn’t one of them. He’s brave enough to call it like he sees it. If he thinks God does not approve of sexuality he’d say it. But he’d do it with a heavy heart.

  4. Spencer Conroy Says:

    Yes, I do know Al personally and I wasn’t refering to him so much as the general message I feel is portrayed by the church in general.

  5. Brother Rodney Says:

    Hey Brother Al! I like your post! Brother Marty would be proud! See you this weekend?

    Brother Rodney

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