The first way in which I am agnostic (response)

This is a response to a post my friend Jeff put up on his wonderful Blog.

Wow…I’m impressed with this post.  Being honest with yourself is not easy, but being honest for the world to potentially read is even more difficult.  I’m curious to hear some of the arguments that view God as pro-homosexuality, or at least He views it as a non-issue.  Is God then also pro-gluttony or drug abuse, spousal abuse…etc. I’m not being sarcastic in any way either.  I hope you read this with the understanding that I am a guy that is imperfect and fallen, and sometimes clueless about things.

I guess it comes back to my world view, and also what my view of the scriptures is.  Part of my world view is that truth is absolute regardless of the time in history, the culture, or the popular agenda/opinion.  Furthermore I believe that the Word of God is not an evolving document like the constitution.  His word, as it says in 1Pt 1:24-25, abides/remains/lasts forever.  It doesn’t fail, it never fades, it is eternal and always truth.

From what I read it seems pretty clear that God has a problem with homosexuality.  Any time it is mentioned, it is not in a good context or in an approving tone.  Even in the NT it is not viewed as acceptable, but as sinful.  So, why would that have changed now.  Is it because we are so much more advanced and our understanding of cultures and language and science etc., etc. is so great that we have now become an authority to determine that something that was viewed as sinful is no longer. So, is cheating on my wife no longer viewed by God as sin?

Can we argue that people feel that it is in their nature, oh yeah! My nature was to go after every chick that was out there and shack up.  Had any of them been interested in me, I might have been with many, but that’s another story!:)

That was my nature.  If I did not develop the understanding that this is not how God created me to be, but is an unfortunate side effect to my sinful nature, I would have continued in it even while I am married.  I’m sure my wife would not approve, even if God did! 

I have to work on keeping my body/flesh/sinful nature in check so I do not carry out the things that I so want to do.  Is this any more or even any less the struggle that my gay brothers and lesbian sisters go through.  My struggle with sin is ever present, just as it is for them, just as it is for an alcoholic, or someone who can’t control their eating.  I am in no way condemning any sinner, because we are all born condemned due to our sin.  I am for pointing all sinners to the wonderful cross that bids us all to come and die…die to ourselves, our wants, our desires- no matter how noble or un-noble they are – and find life in the Christ, who was our ultimate example of denial.

I guess that’s just it.  If we want to call ourselves Christ followers, then we better get ready to deny ourselves and follow His example.

I love you Jeff!  I’m glad we’re friends, and I’m even more glad that we work together for eternal things.

Glad We’re Livin’ Out Loud Together


One Response to “The first way in which I am agnostic (response)”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    Just in case somebody was curious, I did respond to Al’s questions and comments over at my blog.

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