How do you…Pull your hair out without going bald?

What style of music do you have?  What’s your worship like?  Why do you play so loud?  Why don’t you…Why are you…What about…

Have you ever run into these questions?  Better yet, have you asked these questions?  If you are part of the latter group, which I of course am, have you asked it directly to the leader that presides over what you are questioning.  Have you done that or are you the type that asks everyone else about it?

“Hey Andrew! What do you think about the new…” “Hey Nici, how have you been liking the…I think they should just…” You fill in the blanks here, as I’m sure you get my drift.  All of us at times are amateurs with a professional opinion of something.  This is especially true when things have changed.

I have a few suggestions though:

1.  If it’s about me- Say it to me.  No need to ask someone else, tell someone else, especially if they aren’t even involved with the area you have an issue with.  I’m easy going, so if you have a thought, suggestion, or criticism, please bring ’em on!

2.  Remember: It’s not about you or me- Since it’s not about us, then who is it about.  let’s first keep it about bringing glory to God.  Second, let’s remember that it is usually being done for a purpose. 

3.  Please say it- Remember when your teacher would say there are no stupid questions.  You may not be the only one with a question, or especially with that question.  Get yourself an answer.

Let’s get some guts, grow a pair, and talk about things.  My moto for many things: I’d rather let it out and feel the shame, than hold it in and feel the pain.

Livin’ Out Loud,


7 Responses to “How do you…Pull your hair out without going bald?”

  1. Billy Says:

    Did you just use Farting as a metaphor for not Gossiping?

  2. aldancyspeaks Says:


    What do you think?

  3. Tina Says:

    Grow a Pair? Really?

  4. aldancyspeaks Says:

    We all need a pair!

  5. garret Says:

    My kids will be pleased that you’ve just given them permission to blast at will. Is this some kind of Godly imperitive you can support with scripture? If it is, i want to be prepared so i’ll have an answer when my kids say, “Jesus said i could fart at the dinner table!”

    Do you want us to unload on your blog, or would you prefer we get in your face?

    This also would be a good time to note that both Holman (elder and younger) sermons have encouragements for the proper way to “say what you need to say”. Remember, we’re building something here…

  6. dionne Says:

    giggle giggle giggle giggle…. I’m such a child!

  7. Heather Roberts Says:

    I’m sure joe will get a kick out of your usage of the farting metaphor for gossiping. Well said al.

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