Ch…Ch…Changes and Additions

So, many of you know that we recently had an addition to our family, my daughter Charlotte was born last week.  This has, of course, been a huge change.  About 4 hours of sleep at night, an additonal butt to change…Well, you get the picture.  Not all of it is difficult.  In fact most of it is awesomely wonderful. 

With this change, there has been some changes here at my Blog.  I have changed the look, just in time for WordPress to impliment their new dashboard, which is pretty cool.  I have also added a few blogs to my Blogroll lately.  So, I have decided, mainly because my Blog mentor posted this similar topic on his site – Thanks Marty! – to list them here:

Garrett Walker – This is more of a procrastination on my part, as I have meant to add him for a while.  I have been reading his blog for some time, and I always walk away with some cool insight into life…or at least his life.

1000 Awesome Things – Great site.  Hillarious and insightful on basic life stuff.  This is a must read.

Little-People – This site is amazing.  An artist that hand paints little figurines and places them in scenes using natural elements.  Think Anne Geddes on crack!  Note- I didn’t say Anne Geddes is on crack, but you may infer that too.

Livin’ Out Loud…A lot lately


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