Need More Views on Your Blog?

Do you need more views on your blog? Have you ever wondered how to get them?  Well, here’s the answer, Alphainventions.  Alphainventions is an amazing, FREE blogging tool that allows you to submit your blog, along with  others’ who have done the same, and shows them all in a sort of slide show.  I’m not sure how my Blog was  submitted to their site, but it certainly has increased my traffic. 
Your blog stays in the rotation until another blogger submits his blog and yours gets kicked out.  Don’t worry though, because you can just resubmit your blog as many times as you like.  The more times you submit it during the day, the more hits your Blog you will get.

You can also donate money to Alphainventions and they will send you a code which gives priority to your blog so it will stay in the rotation, quote, ‘100x longer’.

Head over to to get more hits on your Blog today!

4 Responses to “Need More Views on Your Blog?”

  1. Rene Says:

    Still, I wonder, Al. How do you know people who visit your blog are actual readers?

    Personally, I don’t care much about the amount of traffic. I write because I want to tell stories, and I like to present those stories to like minded people. If those people comment to my story, like I’m doing right now, I have more certainty that I have written something people care about, than with any amount of statistics of unique visitors per day.

    I hope this is enough food for thought for you.

    • aldancyspeaks Says:

      Good question. Well, I assume that they read it, which as you know can be a bad thing to do. I assume that some do, because I take the time to read other’s Blogs, that I either bump off, or that are displayed in the cycle. Rene, feel free to leave a link to your Blog and I would be happy to chek it out or link it. Thanks again for the question.

  2. Lesley Dewar Says:

    woo hoo more LIY (Learn It Yourself) does send you lots of traffic – here’s how to hurry it up

  3. Lesley Dewar Says:

    That is a curious comment from Renee, because how can “Like minded people read his blog” – if they can’t find it! This is why we must have traffic – no traffic, no readers, no like minded people. Without AI, I would not have found you – nor you me!

    Thanks for visiting No Tall Poppies, which is a sister site to Build Your Traffic. (
    As you can see, we are writing a series of articles on how to get the best of Alphainventions and you are welcome to join our mailing list – so we can let you know when they are updated. Lessons 1 and 2 are onsite now – lesson 3 is coming soon.

    I recommend you let your friends know about Build Your Traffic as well, because this is somewhere everyone can learn how to develop their online presence – starting from scratch – if that’s where you are. Maybe you could add it to your blogroll, now you have checked it out.

    Lesson 1

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