Why you Little…Doh!

I was reading Dizzy Ninja’s Blog today and was facinated by something he posted here last month. 

Is it an insult to refer to someone as a nonchristian now?

Republican Elizabeth Dole attempts to tie Democrat Kay Hagan to a group called Godless Americans PAC.  The ad in question was rife with misleading clips and attempts to imply that Kay Hagan was, herself, one of those evil, horrible, morally depraved ‘godless’ folk.  Kay Hagan’s response?  “How dare you insult me by implying that I’m not a Christian! I am too!”

He went on to discuss how Barack Obama had a similar thing happen.  Many people assumed, and many others bought into that assumption, that because his father was Muslim and his mother was an Atheist, Mr. Obama couldn’t possibly be a Christian.  I;m glad that the President elect fought the urge to lash out.  It would ahve made him look really foolish, and been extremely divisive if he portrayed the same sentiment that Kay Hagan had.

I would only be offended in that I work hard at living a life that I reflects what I believe.  What I believe are Biblical, Christian princicples, and I want the people that see me each day to think somewhere in their mind that I reflect the character of Jesus Christ.

So, I don’t think I would be offended as much as I would be frustrated with myself for not fully living what I claim to believe.  Which then resulted in people thinkning I was not a Christian.

What a great question Mr. Dizzy poses.  Should a person be offended if they are labeled a non-Christian?

His questions are much better put this way:

So I ask again: is it an insult to be thought of as outside of the majority? Is it wrong to be black, hispanic or asian? Is it a shameful thing to be a Muslim or a Hindu or a Buddhist? Should one be embarrassed of one’s Atheism?

Thanks for the thoughts Dizzy Ninja.

Please share your thoughts on this.

Livin’ Out Loud,


3 Responses to “Why you Little…Doh!”

  1. outnumberedby5 Says:

    depends where you live.

    Being a ‘non-christian’ is a badge of honor in some circles.
    In fact, it’s required to garner the support of some.

    What KIND of Christian you are might make you decidedly non-christian at any given moment. Most times a person of Christian belief is indiscernable from a non-believer.

    (Obama…why should anyone start caring now whether he is or what kind of Christian he might be. As usually happens in politics the topic turned to be about the cynics and their intelligence/motives. The facts are often obscured by the reality for which we’re hoping.)

    Put youself in Muslim country X. It’s more than an insult to be non-muslim in most cases. It’s criminal! We should consider ourselves fortunate that in this country the only (for the moment) things at stake for being in the minority are as trivial as a political seat. In this way we’ve come a long way.

  2. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    I wonder if it’s legitimate to be annoyed at accusations to be a non-Christian if you feel like you’re life and record ought to speak for themselves.
    The idea isn’t so much “I’d never want to be lumped in with those evil heathens” as “You’ve made a ridiculous accusation which indicates you haven’t done your homework.”

  3. Dizzy Says:

    ‘eyyyyyy thanks for the linkage.

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