My Baby Girl

Yesterday some of mine and Erica’s best friends came visiting.  Kevin and Shari Schoener are friends of ours from College, and Shari and I knew eachother from childhood.  It’s always awesome to have them around, which hasn’t been very often since we moved in March 08.

Anyways!  Shari is an amazing photographer and offered to come out and do a session with Erica and Charlotte.  I already knew the pics would be incredible, but I had no idea they would be this good.

Shari you are the greatest Ti-Ti in the world, and Kevin, you are the best friend a guy could have…Well, besides driving out here and letting your kids destroy our house and eat all of our food, you did get em an HDMI cable…So, okay, you’re the man!

Check the Pics here

I’m Encouraged

So, I’m not sure why I want to apologize each time I haven;t written for a while, but I’ve decided not to do it this time.  Hey, it’s my Blog and I’ll write if I want to…Or something like that.

So, I’ve been encouraged lately by what’s going at my church.  Fellowship Church is one of the most relevant places a person could ever be.  It is filled with some of the most real, honest, and loving people I’ve had the privilege of being with.  I assume it’s the way so many people have been going out of their way to ensure that people’s needs are met.  It could be that people have been bulding real, authentic community in our Life Groups.  It could be that new people are coming weekly, our online worship experience has been growing, and that people are staying.

It’s all of this.   I am so excited to be a part of a group of Christ followers that get what Jesus is talking about when He said to “love one another like He has loved us.”  Not only do they understand it, but they are living it.  From driving a terminally ill friend from worcester to Boston and back; on more than one occassion, to watching that same man’s two little boys so his wife can be with him, and not feel the strain of watching children.  People at FC have been showing the love of our great God in so many ways, and it encourages me.

I am so blessed to serve the people at FC, and they will probably never know how much they have ministered to me and my family.  The NorthEast is going to get turned upside down.

Livin’ Out Loud,