The Stranger it can get on the road to Emmaus

We started reading this book at Fellowship this past week, and my Life Group started our discussion last night.  I was at band practice until 6:20pm, group starts at 6:30, and I had to bring the guys home.

Soooooooo…I was late to Life Group.  I know, big surprise!  Eh Billy?

Well a few things came up in the discussion of the book, but let me start here.

“The Stanger on the Road to Emmaus” is a study tool, a book that presents the reader with the central theme of the Bible, mankind’s need for a Savior, and walks the reader through the entire Bible to show how God unfolded His plan throughout history, and gave us His Word/Holy Scriptures as a tool to find Salvation.  It’s seems like it will be a pretty amazing book.

Now, on to the discussion our group had…

The author mentioned that someone may call into question his objectivity in teaching the Bible, since he believes that all Scripture is 100% completely true.  So, someone had brought up the idea that no one could actually be 100% objective on any subject, since we all have a “World View.”   And someone, at some point within this discussion, stated that we need to define what we mean by truth.

Now, I grew up in this Church , under the teaching, direction and mentoring of a man of God that many would classify as a Pastor who is doctrinally Fundamental.  I went to this College that most would view as pretty conservative and doctrinally “Fundametal.”  So, I have a background and training that is pretty doctrinally conservative and fundamental, and my view of truth is kind of simple and straight forward.

I believe truth is truth when it is true regardless of time, location, my personal belief/s, point in history, or what someone else says or thinks about it.  So for me, if we have to define truth that would be it. 

I agree with the person that said no one can be truly objective since we all has bias, which is due to our world view.   I also believe that God is who He says He is, and that absolute truth is found in the Bible, and that apart from the Bible we cannot fully know God.

I wasn’t there for the discussion, as I said earlier that I came in late, but Erica and I had an awesome discussion about this whole thing.  We had an awesome time asking some tough questions of one another, and finding some doctrinal hills we just wouldn’t die on.

I leave you with 2 questions:

1.   What biasis do you approoach the Bible with?  Why?

2.  Do you believe the Bible is 100% completely accurate? Why?

Livin’ Out Loud

One Response to “The Stranger it can get on the road to Emmaus”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    Al, you’ve been a good enough friend to call me out a bit when my post modernity runs amuck. I’d like to return the favor. (I don’t mean any of the above sarcastically.)
    I think you offer a fairly common traditional/fundamental view of truth. And I think it’s exactly right to say that “truth is truth is truth when it is true regardless of time, location, my personal belief/s, point in history, or what someone else says or thinks about it.”
    I think what gets missed, sometimes, though, is that you can’t say that the nature of truth is transcendent of specific spaces and times and then assert that you’ve got truth in a headlock.
    Put differently: It’s fine for people to say ‘truth isn’t a popularity contest.’ It’s fine for people to say ‘It isn’t true just because Jeff Campbell believes it to be true. Truth is bigger than that.’
    I totally agree with all of the above.
    But what so often gets said next is what perplexes me. In effect, what often comes next is ‘Even though I am just like you– one itty bitty little critter stuck in one location in space/time, I am uniquely qualified to tell you what is true. I am magically transcendent in a way that you are not.’

    Personally, I find it useful to think of Truth with a capital T, versus truth with a lower case t. God is Truth. All we humans– at least in our fallen state– can comprehend is truth.

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