Let the Kid’s Ride!


PHOTO BY Paul Buckley.

I found this post on Mike Martin’s Blog.  It is a shame how legislation can have such a huge grasp on our personal/recreational lives.  The far reaching arm of our government frustrates me on a regular basis.  I do not need them telling me what is appropraite or safe for my children.  I think off myself as a pretty inteligent individual.  I don’t live in a fantasy world, where everything is butterflies and sugar plums.  I have a grip on reality.

Please stop…This is to the Government…Please stop inteferring with my ability to raise my children the way I see fit.

Don’t let the government and the CPSC step all over yours and your children’s rights to ride motocross. We need to work together in order to stop this ban and bring back children’s motocross. Here is a list of things you can do in order to help the situation.

  • Spread the Word: Do you have a podcast or blog? Are you active on social networks? Leverage this communities to your advantage. Spread the word of this atrociety and make sure that all of your friends are aware of the ban and are helping in the fight.
  • Submit a Letter: The following letter has been prepared by the MIC to be sent to the CPSC in support of the petition and ultimately in support of the removal of this ban. Download CPSC Letter Here
  • Sign the Petition: visit http://www.tomself.com/, submit your info and sign the petition.
  • Write to your Congressmen and Senators: Let them know the far reaching affects of this law and the many benefits provided to families by the small powers ports industry.**Thanks to Commenter Joe Roth, I have been made aware of an automatic system to submit a letter to your congressmen and senators which has been set up by the AMA. Check out the AMA’s Rapid Response System right away.**
  • Watch and Spread the Video: Matt Wozney of MXPTV has produced an awesome video regarding the ban. Watch it, spread the link, and embed it on your site. The more people aware of this issue the better.

My children will ride…Oh yes!… They will ride!

Livin’ Out Loud,


3 Responses to “Let the Kid’s Ride!”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    Hi Al-
    Do you have any statistics about how safe or unsafe motocross is? I’d like to be on board with you.
    But I have to say… in my current state of ignorance, I’m not convinced that putting kids on motorcycles is a good idea.
    (Sometimes, these debates get filled with fake numbers from unreliable sources. Other times they get filled with goody comparisons: “Riding Motocross is safer than drinking tap water.” Presuming that’s true, it wouldn’t prove that motocross is a good idea, it’d simply demonstrate that drinking tap water is a bad idea.)

    I understand what you are saying about big government. But I’ve worked with enough troubled kids to know that there are millions of parents who need an absurd amount of guidance and hand holding.
    I also think that there are three equally unsatisfying options in government. One has to be chosen and none are particularly good.
    Option A is that don’t allow kids to recieve medical care that there parents can’t afford.
    Option B is that we fully fund medical care for kids and write a blank check for this, with no strings attached; even if the injury was achieved in a fool hardy way we still fully cover it with no questions asked.
    Option C is that we give the government the ability to prohibit certain risky behaviors.

    I’m leaving moral, “who is your brother’s keeper?” arguments out of this. On a dollars-and-cents level alone the whole thing is pretty tough.
    Perhaps there’s some fourth option. Perhaps there’s some ways of gathering all the advantages of one with out any disadvantages.
    Even if option “C” is the most logical, it should not be taken as a given that motocross ought to get banned– that’s why I was interested in the facts.
    A thing that ought to get weighed into this debate is the physical and mental health challenges that have resulted from kids being prevented from doing anything.
    When kids end up fat, lazy, and diabetic, nobody gets sued. So there’s certainly a decent we need to guard against in society that’ll remove all oppurtunities for age-appropriate recreation.

  2. Dionne Says:

    Ok, so, Al, I have to agree mostly with Jeff. I saw the site on statistics and saw that 11 children were killed on the mini-bikes. Comparatively, it’s a small number when compared with streetbikes, but how would you feel if Wy was one of those 11? Or Li?
    I grew up with brothers who did dirtbikes and grew into their motorcycles, a father who still rides, and I love it. It CAN be safe.
    There is risk in every act – but not every parent can bring intelligence and common sense to the table and insist on training, protective equipment, and safe venue for risky activities – but where you have a chance to keep your child safe, where you have a chance to remove a life threatening risk, where you can use your experience and wisdom and can afford the proper quality equipment, you would do so. However, because there are so many who don’t, the “government” has to step in where it must.
    The same concept (in a very generalized way) is applicable to birth and hospital policies and practitioner liabilities, applicable to women’s choices in continuing (or not) a pregnancy, applicable to individual choice in using carseats/seatbelts and what size family you can have (ie if you a family of 7 but only room in the car for 4, is the carseat law a violation of your personal rights / financial choices?) It’s crazy… the whole concept, and worth thinking all sides through.

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