Valentine’s Day Dancy Style


So this post is a bit late, but I wanted to share with you what we did for Valentine’s day…

First off, a big shout out to Dave and Dionne for watching Charlotte.  We wouldn’t have been able to do this with her there.

So, here goes…

Erica heard that Monster Jam was going to be in town the weekend of 02/13 – 02/15, and thought it would be fun to bring the boys.  I’ve been to Monster Truck shows before and watched them on TV.  They’re always entertaining, loud, a bit smelly, great for people watching, and always a good time!  So, we decided that we would go.

I work and UNUM, and we were able to park in the lot downtown for free.  Score #1 for the D-team! 

On the way we stopped at Rite-Aid and picked up some nifty ear plugs, which turned out to be one of the greatest ideas I have ever had.  At first Erica thought we might not need them, that was until the trucks actually came out.  Whoa!!  Wyatt wasn’t too happy about the noise at first, but once he saw Grave Digger everything was glorious!dec-08-and-jan-09-277

We ate some scrumptous hot dogs, pretzels and cheez sauce, and some Fries.  We tried to keep pace with the other families that were present.  Ya know, don’t want the kids feeling deprived of classic, crappy event foods.  And besides, they need to get the full experience.

We watched some killer Monster Truck racing, car crunching, and Truck jumping. 


Next up was Quad Wars, and Dirt Bike stunts, which were pretty good.

dec-08-and-jan-09-280 dec-08-and-jan-09-313dec-08-and-jan-09-315

After that, we find Wyatt asleep.  Tell me this…With engines roaring, the crowd cheering, and dirt flying, how the heck does a 3 year old find it comfortable enough to take a nap!?!?!?  The world may never know.


Well, while Wy slept we get some good times w/ Liam.


I swear there were no “special” brownies involvedin the production of this photo!

All in all we had a fantastic time.  Something we look forward to doing again.

So, how did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

Livin’ Out Loud and In Love W/ My Wife and kids,


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