Imagine #3

Would Anyone Notice

Would Anyone Notice

You died today…maybe you died last night while you slept…Would anyone notice…Would anyone care?

This is the first time I am elaborating on this “Imagine” series.  I’ve thought about this before, and most recently last year when my aunt died.  Diana, my aunt, was my mom’s step sister.  When I was younger our families were very close.  Time, family feuds, and other things I’ve never understood kind of built a wedge between us, and we saw them less and less. 

Last year when i found out she had died unexpectedly, I determined that it had been at least 1 years since I saw her or my cousins.  Now that you have a background let me get to the point…

Her funeral was one of the most depressing things I have ever attended.  The attendants were my mom, brother, sister, dad, my mom’s youngest sister, my Gram (who is not Diana’s mother, but my mom’s mother…an even bigger story…), my wife, me and my 2 boys, and Diana’s 2 sons (Jon and Charlie). 

She had a total of about 8-10 visitors.  No other family members came, her across-the-street neighbors came, and a few co-workers, but that was it.  It was as if 53 years of life were lived in vain.

There was hardly any notice…

I can’t imagine, or allow my life to be lived in a way that when I leave this world…

No one will notice or even care.  My family will, hopefully, and friends of course, but will I leave a dent in my community?  Will my absence be felt at work?


Livin’ Out Loud and On Purpose,


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