No Street Signs

I’m listening to U2‘s “Where the Streets Have No Name” from their Joshua Tree album.  It’s a killer song and and even more incredible album.  I love the keys, I love the delay in the guitar, I love the simple, yet driving bass line, and I love Bono’s vocals in this song.  It is speaking to me.  It could be that the band will be practicing this song for Sunday Service at Fellowship Church, and I can’t wait to see how it moves people.  It could be that the song brings such beautiful images to mind when I hear it.  I don’t know what it actually is; I don’t care.  I just know it is moving.

I’ve noticed this a lot lately.  Everywhere I go it seems to happen.  I’m not sure why God has been doing it this way, but He’s really been using my environment (both natural and technology) to speak to me lately and it has been loud and clear. 

How has God Been Speaking to you lately?

Livin’ Out Loud,


One Response to “No Street Signs”

  1. jeffsdeepthoughts Says:

    Hey man! Nice to see you blogging again!
    Though I’m a huge U2 fan and am one to look for the spiritual in unusual places, I’d never really thought about the spiritual implications of this song before you played. Having you and the band perform it in the church was quite a gift.
    (I always simply connected it to the place that the CD is named after: Joshua Tree National Park in the high deserts of California. This place in itself is actually quite an amazingly spiritual and special place; very much out in the boon docks, a place where quite literally most of the streets have no name.)

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