Imagine #6 1/2 or .5

So, I’m sure many of you have heard, seen, or read the last post.  If not check it out here.  Some dear friends of mine hijacked my blog, twitter account, and facebook yesterday and pulled an amazing and one of the most brutal pranks I have ever had pulled on me.

There are a few things that I have walked away with:

1.  With friends like these – I really need to pray for them- Who needs enemies!  No, seriously, I love the people that did this, and thought it was really funny.  I wonder what Jesus would ahve done though if He found my username and password?  Well, he wouldn’t have to find it – He’s omnicient – But you get what I’m spillin’!

2.  Be careful online – Don’t save your username and password on public, church, work…well you get the idea.  It can be just plain bad.  Wish I had read this before

3.  Just because I find self deprecation funny doesn’t mean everyone will appreciate it.  Better put by Tina here.

4.  Be sure you don’t share a room with Billy McGuinness – This might be the biggest thing I’ve learned.  Never, no matter how much he begs, no matter how much he cries…Kinda like a Mogwai.  Jsut don’t set yourself up for a pic like yesterdays – cause trust me he’ll get you.

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Imagine #6



Imagine you left your User name and Passwords saved on computers accessible to the public. What would people write about you? What pictures would they post?

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Fake Al

Imagine #5

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You only have one thing you could Tweet…What would it be?

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Imagine #4

This is Martin Cooper, inventor of the Cell Phone.  In many ways we owe him a huge debt of gratitude.  Without him we may not have the instant communication that we have today.

Today you were told you can only dial one number on your Cell, that number is the only number you can ever dial again, and your mobile phone privileges will be permanently disabled if you attempt to dial another number…

Who would you call…Why?  And by who I mean it must be a person.  So. don’t say “Jesus,” cause I really don’t think he has a cell phone.

I’ll go first…And I’ll start by asking a question.

Does this limited calling also include personal calls from my work phone, or is it only calls from my cell phone?  If it is both, then I would choose my wife.  I would choose my wife (Erica), because I love her and want to touch base w/ her from time to time throughout the day.  We have 3 little kids, and I love talking to them over the phone when I call her. 

If it is only my cell, then I would choose my mom.  She would be able to fill me in on what’s going on with everyone out her way.

So, Who Ya Gonnal Call?!?!

So, "Who Ya Gonnal Call?!?!"

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Imagine #3

Would Anyone Notice

Would Anyone Notice

You died today…maybe you died last night while you slept…Would anyone notice…Would anyone care?

This is the first time I am elaborating on this “Imagine” series.  I’ve thought about this before, and most recently last year when my aunt died.  Diana, my aunt, was my mom’s step sister.  When I was younger our families were very close.  Time, family feuds, and other things I’ve never understood kind of built a wedge between us, and we saw them less and less. 

Last year when i found out she had died unexpectedly, I determined that it had been at least 1 years since I saw her or my cousins.  Now that you have a background let me get to the point…

Her funeral was one of the most depressing things I have ever attended.  The attendants were my mom, brother, sister, dad, my mom’s youngest sister, my Gram (who is not Diana’s mother, but my mom’s mother…an even bigger story…), my wife, me and my 2 boys, and Diana’s 2 sons (Jon and Charlie). 

She had a total of about 8-10 visitors.  No other family members came, her across-the-street neighbors came, and a few co-workers, but that was it.  It was as if 53 years of life were lived in vain.

There was hardly any notice…

I can’t imagine, or allow my life to be lived in a way that when I leave this world…

No one will notice or even care.  My family will, hopefully, and friends of course, but will I leave a dent in my community?  Will my absence be felt at work?


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Imagine #2

You are dead and standing for the first time in the very presence of God…

What would be the first thing out of your mouth…What would be your first question…Would you be able to get anything out?

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Imagine #1

You were all alone…What would you think about…What would you say…Would you even talk out loud?

Tell me…

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