We finally made it

So, we moved this past Saturday. We beat out the storm, packed up everything we own, drove an hour and then unpacked it all.

Big shout out, and huge props to the two crews that helped.

The Wilbraham Crew- Ethan, Joel, Chad, Joe, Jay, and Kevin

The Holden Crew- Darren, Nicholas, Marty,Billy, and Ben

You guys rocked it out that day. We got everything moved in in just over 2 hours.

I started the new job on Monday. UNUM is the name of the company, and I am an Underwriting Specialist. It has been awesome so far! It will be a lot of work, but I’ve already met some really awesome people.

Just wanted to post a quick note on the move and the new job.

Moving in T-Minus 1 day

Good morning my fellow bloggites!

I can’t believe the move date is so close at hand. It seems like it was only a month or two ago that My family and I decided that God was calling us to up and move to Worcester. We are soooo excited to get our move on.

So, I haven’t blogged since 2/18/08. Wow, time flies, when you’re busy moving…Hmmm. What the heck does that mean?!!?

Where do I begin in explaining this move?

Towards the beginning of 2007 my wife and I began a period of change, specifically in our spiritual lives. We changed ministries, started questioning if where we were at that time was really where God wanted us. We felt uncomfortable and unsettled. It was strange to feel that way in a place that always felt like home to us, our Church. We really felt that God was gearing us up fr something dracstic; a huge change in our lives.

We now fast forward to last August.

My wife and I got together with one of my best friends, Marty, and his wife Carie. Erica and I used to attend Fellowship Church while we were in college, and when we got married we moved back to my home church in East Longmeadow MA. So, Marty was there to ask us to pray about moving, and to tell us bit (actually it lasted about 5 hours) about the vision God had given him for Fellowship Church.

Erica and I felt as though God, in one fell swoop, confirmed what we had been feeling for months.
I met with my Pastor, Dave Brown, and discussed the idea. I called on some people who I trusted, and was confident that they would pray for us. Then in October, we decided that this was the direction that God was calling us.

We began going out every other week. We would spend one Sunday in East Longmeadow First Baptist, the next in Holden at Fellowship Church. This has been the procedure for the last 5 months, and God has done some incredible things through that time of waiting.

I have said many times that this whole situation is bitter sweet. Sweet, becuase Erica and I have gotten a hold of what God wants us to do with our lives, and received true direction from Him. Also sweet is working with a great team, having some awesome responsiblities, and so many new friends.

It is bitter, because we leave behind our family, friends, and many many loved ones and memories.

So, here we are 5 months later. God has worked out a new job for me, which I start 2 days after we move. Good timing eh? We have a place to live, and are still looking for a permanent place. Keep it in prayer. God has toatlly confirmed this move for us. We don’t even have to pay for the moving truck, or the gas for it!!

Well, what I’ve learnedin all this is…God will always provide the way, and usually makes it much better than you could ever have expected. If you’ve never trusted God with anything, I challenge you to try Him. See how He proves to you His ability and power to get you through anything.

Living Out Loud

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T-Minus 31 days.

The move is coming sooo fast, and I couldn’t be more excited. I was out in Worcster yesterday, and at lunch…

Quick Commercial Break: Wild Willy’s Burgers. Ohhhhhh, to die for. I recomend the “Stampede”

Back to the regularly scheduled Blog…

with Marty, Steve, and Darren. All of a sudden Marty gets a call. He is talking for a few minutes, and then hands it to me. It’s one of mine and Erica’s friends from Fellowship Church, Tanya (Pronounced Tan-yuh).

She proceeds to tell me about how her neighbor just came over to tell her that they are moving out of their house in the next couple of days, and letting the bank foreclose on their home. He also asked her if she knew anyone looking to buy a house. She knew we are looking, and referred us to him. I spent an hour talking to this guy from Tennessee, who had a wicked accent, and learned that we might be able to get his house for pennies on the dollar.

What’s so incredible about this story, and why I am sharing this is that it showed me and now you how awesome God is. Erica and I had decided a couple of weeks ago that we would stop looking for houses. Not because we didn’t trust God or anything, but because we thought He was closing the doors for that as an opportunity. So, God has thrown a wrench in the works here.

I mean what are the odds that on a day that I decided to be in Worcester, it just so happens that this guy comes to his neighbor’s house to notify them they are moving. These neighbors just so happen to be our friends, that we haven’t really know all that long, and this opportunity plops in our laps.

I think that’s a miracle from God. I’ll praise Him if we get the house, and I’ll praise Him if we don’t. God is truly alive, at work in the lives of His people, and He will reign regardless of if I let Him.

Much Love,

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