Sunday Setlists: 10/04/09

This Blog takes part in Sunday Setlists at  Come check out the fun and see how God is moving in His people around the world and how other churches have been worshipping this week.

Recap: So, this week we began a new four week series called “I Want to Be One of Them.”  We’re looking at four saints that are or have faithfully lived their lives for Christ and made an impact on people around them. 

I really enjoyed the worship time at FCHolden this week.  We were challenged to live a life of humility before God and reminded that we can’t do anything unless we are relying on God.

Opening song: “God You Are My God” – Delirious?


We announced our Servolution dates, which is going to be an incredible week again this year. 

Second Set:

“Everybody Prainse the Lord” – Lincoln Brewster

This was one of the highlights of the morning, because Laurie Morrison, one of the vocalists on our team, and I kind of made it into a battle.  During practice last week, we worked on splitting it into a duet of sorts.  It was kind of like a musical “testimony poker.” It was a blast.

“Your Grace is Enough” – Matt Maher

Closer: “All We Need is You” – Charlie Hall


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Sunday Setlists: 09/13/09

This Blog takes part in Sunday Setlists at  Come check out the fun and see how God is moving in His people around the world and how other churches have been worshipping this week.

Recap:  Last week my family and I were away in the Adirondaks for a much needed time of rest and relaxation.  So, this week was my first week back.  It wasn’t easy!!

I was so excited to be back.  I love worshipping God through music, I love being used to lead others in worship of God, and I love seeing people worshipping.  This week was great, but as I said it wasn’t easy!

“What do you mean?  What was so difficult about it?”

Glad you asked!  I met with Marty and Steve that morning to pray, just like we always do.  We talked for a bit and prayed, but I could sense something was off in me even then.  It was a battle to keep my mind fixed on Christ that morning.  Worries of the service’s order crept in, thoughts on how did I sound, fear of interruptions or the sound system problems being a distraction.  It was horrible.

I pressed into the Lord and asked Him to help.  It didn’t seem to come.  So many people said that the worship that morning was incredible.  I can’t agree more.  The people in the audience were meeting with God, but it seemed that there was a wall between Jesus and me.

As we came out of “All Who Are Thirsty”, I got mixed up.  I thought we were going into a special song we were going to perform, and told everyone to sit for a moment…don’t you love when that happens.  I realized my mistake, but kept going.  I told everyone that they should reflect on this next song.  We started strumming an opening to “What a Friend”

…man I love that song, it brings back memories of when I was 15 and newly saved.  Wow!  God showed me that he could use my love of music to reach people.  Thank God for Delirious? !

So, as we sang this song out, God moved in me.  My fear left, there was disappointment if I sang a wrong note or strummed the wrong chord.  It was incredible.  What was a mistake on my part was also God’s way of opening my heart to the moving of His Spirit. 

Set List:

Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman

Come Now is the Time to Worship – Brian Doerksen

All Who Are Thirsty – Kutless Version

What A Friend – Delirious?

You and Me – Ken Block

Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble – Delirious?


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