Sunday Setlists: 10/04/09

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Recap: So, this week we began a new four week series called “I Want to Be One of Them.”  We’re looking at four saints that are or have faithfully lived their lives for Christ and made an impact on people around them. 

I really enjoyed the worship time at FCHolden this week.  We were challenged to live a life of humility before God and reminded that we can’t do anything unless we are relying on God.

Opening song: “God You Are My God” – Delirious?


We announced our Servolution dates, which is going to be an incredible week again this year. 

Second Set:

“Everybody Prainse the Lord” – Lincoln Brewster

This was one of the highlights of the morning, because Laurie Morrison, one of the vocalists on our team, and I kind of made it into a battle.  During practice last week, we worked on splitting it into a duet of sorts.  It was kind of like a musical “testimony poker.” It was a blast.

“Your Grace is Enough” – Matt Maher

Closer: “All We Need is You” – Charlie Hall


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FC Holden Online Service

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Peka-Chu’s, Chupacabra’s and Pecha Kucha Night Worcester

The question may be rolling around your head with that title, “Has Al finally lost whatever was left of his mind?”

And my reply is “YES!”

But it shouldn’t be the title that gave that away.

Sunday night, September 14th I attended and volunteered at Pecha Kucha Worcester Night 2.   First of all Michelle, Cindy and Scott did another amazing job.  Their hard work certainly showed!

“Pecha Ku-Waaa??”

I know it’s a strange looking, and even stranger sounding name, but trust me it is all too cool!

It’s pronounced Peh Chah Kuh Chah, or at least that’s what I heard people calling it. 

Whatever you call it, Pecha Kucha Night has become something my wife and I are amped about.  We are so excited to see how this event impacts our community.  We attended the Pecha Kucha Worcetser 1st night and we were so pumped by what we saw, heard and experienced that we were determinined that we would be at the next one and the one after that, and…Well, you get the idea.  Basically, it rocks!

Pecha Kucha is the community driven offspring of Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham.  It started in 2003 and created “as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.”  Check link for a descriptionand history of Pecha Kucha.

Last night’s showing was amazing.  There were photographers, painters, and type setters (I had no idea what that was until last night).

The highlight of the night to me was the Stu “Dr. Gonzo” Etsy’s presentation on community. It was perfectly fitting for that night.  I had a blast, I laughed, I was challenged, and walked away thinking about some things.  I have been asking myself since, “how am I investing, impacting, and changing my community for better?”

Make sure you get off your duff and get down to the next Pecha Kucha night, January 24, 2010.

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Today’s the Day

Please help me welcome Evie to the Dancy family.

She’s just over 7″ long and weighs in at a whopping 10.5 ounces or so.  She is officially 21 weeks and 2 days old.  She’s getting old now…I know, I know!

Evie Profile  Evie Overhead

Man am I blessed!

Livin’ Out Loud,

Sunday Setlists: 09/13/09

This Blog takes part in Sunday Setlists at  Come check out the fun and see how God is moving in His people around the world and how other churches have been worshipping this week.

Recap:  Last week my family and I were away in the Adirondaks for a much needed time of rest and relaxation.  So, this week was my first week back.  It wasn’t easy!!

I was so excited to be back.  I love worshipping God through music, I love being used to lead others in worship of God, and I love seeing people worshipping.  This week was great, but as I said it wasn’t easy!

“What do you mean?  What was so difficult about it?”

Glad you asked!  I met with Marty and Steve that morning to pray, just like we always do.  We talked for a bit and prayed, but I could sense something was off in me even then.  It was a battle to keep my mind fixed on Christ that morning.  Worries of the service’s order crept in, thoughts on how did I sound, fear of interruptions or the sound system problems being a distraction.  It was horrible.

I pressed into the Lord and asked Him to help.  It didn’t seem to come.  So many people said that the worship that morning was incredible.  I can’t agree more.  The people in the audience were meeting with God, but it seemed that there was a wall between Jesus and me.

As we came out of “All Who Are Thirsty”, I got mixed up.  I thought we were going into a special song we were going to perform, and told everyone to sit for a moment…don’t you love when that happens.  I realized my mistake, but kept going.  I told everyone that they should reflect on this next song.  We started strumming an opening to “What a Friend”

…man I love that song, it brings back memories of when I was 15 and newly saved.  Wow!  God showed me that he could use my love of music to reach people.  Thank God for Delirious? !

So, as we sang this song out, God moved in me.  My fear left, there was disappointment if I sang a wrong note or strummed the wrong chord.  It was incredible.  What was a mistake on my part was also God’s way of opening my heart to the moving of His Spirit. 

Set List:

Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman

Come Now is the Time to Worship – Brian Doerksen

All Who Are Thirsty – Kutless Version

What A Friend – Delirious?

You and Me – Ken Block

Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble – Delirious?


Planning Center Online worship set list

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I was almost eaten by a Lion

Erica and I watched “Prince Caspian” together the other night after we got back from Life Group.

Rabbit Trail – Have you ever had to bow out of “grown-up” interraction to tend to your own children.  I was not completely thrilled that I had to miss out on over half of the conversation and good times in our Life Group that night, but my children needed Dad around to keep em in line.  If I hadn’t gone down, everyone else wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the time together.  Small price to pay for others to have community.

** Shot Gun Blast **  I now exit back onto the original Blog trail

I was floored by Aslan.  I’m not sure my take on this is completely accurate or exactly what C. S. Lewis intended, but here goes.  Alsan is a great picture of Jesus.  I mean take out the obvious likeness…Jesus had a mean Mane of Hair just like Alan…Right?!!?

But seriously!  Take away the supernatural power, the promised return, the authority, the majesty…I watched this Lion and God floored me.  I watched how he walked around humbly, just like Jesus did.  He didn’t flaunt His power, but when he flexed it, everyone knew about it.  I sat in awe as He welcomed back those that doubted.  You could see their hearts and countenance melt in His presence.

Now, I know that this was just a book/movie, but I imagine this is the way it was or the way it will be when I’m around Jesus.  It makes me wonder if people sense the presence of god when they’re around me.  I mean, we have the promise of the Holy Spirit living inside of us as followers of Christ.

So, how about you?  Does anyone see Jesus in you?  Do they sense His power and presence in your life?

Livin’ Out Loud,


No Street Signs

I’m listening to U2‘s “Where the Streets Have No Name” from their Joshua Tree album.  It’s a killer song and and even more incredible album.  I love the keys, I love the delay in the guitar, I love the simple, yet driving bass line, and I love Bono’s vocals in this song.  It is speaking to me.  It could be that the band will be practicing this song for Sunday Service at Fellowship Church, and I can’t wait to see how it moves people.  It could be that the song brings such beautiful images to mind when I hear it.  I don’t know what it actually is; I don’t care.  I just know it is moving.

I’ve noticed this a lot lately.  Everywhere I go it seems to happen.  I’m not sure why God has been doing it this way, but He’s really been using my environment (both natural and technology) to speak to me lately and it has been loud and clear. 

How has God Been Speaking to you lately?

Livin’ Out Loud,


Worship Recap and Set List: August 23, 2009

This Blog takes part in Sunday Setlists at  Come check out the fun and see how God is moving in His people around the world and how other churches have been worshipping this week.

Recap: Sunday was the first message in a two week series we are doing based on The Shack.  Jeff Campbell, one of the leaders at Fellowship Holden, really hit home that we all have a “shack,” a place of suffering or let down in our life.  If you weren’t there, check it out at the Fellowship Church online campus.  It was very powerful and challenging.

Worship was great, and for me was particularly exciting.  “Why?” you may ask!  well, this was the second week in a row that I really felt like I was part of the worship experience, not just leading and conducting from the stage.  It has been so refreshing to finally come to a point where I let go of my concerns for the operations of the morning, I let go of trying to ensure that everything and everyone follows the “plan” I constructed for this week.  God has really been working on me in this area. 

God has reminded me that I need to not just be a worship leader, but be, as I think Matt Redman put it, a Lead Worshipper.  Someone who isn’t just show, but is truly a worshipper.  Not someone standing on a stage, but who in spirit stnads along side of his brothers and sisters worshipping and glorifying the King of Glory.   I have had my attention centered on our King, Jesus!  It has been so incredible. 

 There were a few hiccups throughout the service.  We had some feedback when Jeff began speaking, and some fails before the service bagan, but Phil our sound director worked his tail off to get in line.  I had the privilege of having my brother, Christian, playing lead guitar with our band this week.  I love playing with him, because he tends to bring fire down when he plays.  It’s also pretty cool to have your younger brother up there worshipping and leading along with you.


  • Opened with King – Tree63
  • From the Inside Out – Hillsong United
  • Above All – Susan Warren, one of our other worship leaders has a killer voice, and many times brings incredible  harmonies to the songs, but she led this one and it was really moving to me.
  • I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2:  We closed out the service with – I saw a bunch of people singing along, but I thought this song was so fitting in conjunction with the opening message for The Shack series.

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