T-Minus 31 days.

The move is coming sooo fast, and I couldn’t be more excited. I was out in Worcster yesterday, and at lunch…

Quick Commercial Break: Wild Willy’s Burgers. Ohhhhhh, to die for. I recomend the “Stampede”

Back to the regularly scheduled Blog…

with Marty, Steve, and Darren. All of a sudden Marty gets a call. He is talking for a few minutes, and then hands it to me. It’s one of mine and Erica’s friends from Fellowship Church, Tanya (Pronounced Tan-yuh).

She proceeds to tell me about how her neighbor just came over to tell her that they are moving out of their house in the next couple of days, and letting the bank foreclose on their home. He also asked her if she knew anyone looking to buy a house. She knew we are looking, and referred us to him. I spent an hour talking to this guy from Tennessee, who had a wicked accent, and learned that we might be able to get his house for pennies on the dollar.

What’s so incredible about this story, and why I am sharing this is that it showed me and now you how awesome God is. Erica and I had decided a couple of weeks ago that we would stop looking for houses. Not because we didn’t trust God or anything, but because we thought He was closing the doors for that as an opportunity. So, God has thrown a wrench in the works here.

I mean what are the odds that on a day that I decided to be in Worcester, it just so happens that this guy comes to his neighbor’s house to notify them they are moving. These neighbors just so happen to be our friends, that we haven’t really know all that long, and this opportunity plops in our laps.

I think that’s a miracle from God. I’ll praise Him if we get the house, and I’ll praise Him if we don’t. God is truly alive, at work in the lives of His people, and He will reign regardless of if I let Him.

Much Love,

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So…Basically I’m an idiot!

Good day to all,

I recently realized that I didn’t post 2 of my blogs last week. I typed them up, but never posted them. So, as a great friend told me…”I guess AL Dancy doesn’t really speak. I just posted one of them, and decided not to post the other.


So, as some of you have read, my famly and I will be moving to Worcester in T-minus 32 days. We are so excited, andcan’t wait to live in the area where we will be serving God with the great people from Fellowship Church Holden. What a dynamic team I have the privilege to be a part of.

Sunday at Fellowship was great. The music…well let’s just say that God uses people despite themselves. If everything rises and falls on the leadership, then I did a terrible job. At least that’s how I felt. It’s amazing though, when you think you’ve done a terrible job, and out of no where someone approaches you and says, “Thanks for the music this morning. It really ministered to myt heart.” You realize that God is absolutely right when He says that nothing is done in our strenght and ability, it’s all by His power and might.

I need to remember that. So, even when we think we did a crappy job, God is still working this for His glory. So that in the end, no one will ever be able to stand before Him and brag.

I’m Out,

What a Basket Case

So, this morning as I was driving to work, and listening to the “Q”(the new FM Christian radio station in our area). Now, I love Christian music, but I have never been a big fan of Christian radio “Talk Shows.” They tend to be a bit cheesy.Well, I decided to tune in this morning, and I am glad I did. Their first topic was pretty brief, and it is what gave me the title for today’s Blog. The topic was what was going through Moses’ mind when he found himself in the basket on the Nile.

I know, I know…”Moses wasn’t thinking anything, because he was a little baby.”

I don’t know if or what he was thinking, but it made me think…

******* I’M THINKING *******

1. How many times do I find myself in a situation that isn’t necessarily from my own involvement or doing?

2. How do I react in the situation?

3. What is my attitude toward God in those situations?

Some soul searching is required to truthfully answer these questions.Let’s answer the first question. It doesn’t seem often that I find myself in a situation that isn’t somehow, and usually greatly, linked to a decision I have made or refused to make. It’s more often that I’m in the place or situation, because I have made a decision. However, I can think of some times that had nothing to do with me, but none-the-less I was in them.

Second Question! I usually get on this kick of “Handlin’ my Bizz!” I feel this need to take things over, and hanlde them “the way they should be handled.”

Final Question. Maybe you’ve experienced this before.
You know…It goes a little like this

“Okay God, I can handle things from here. Obviously You’ve been slacking, or don’t truly care about my dilemma. So, I’ll take over and get things straight. Okay?!?!?”

Well, that’s what takes place in my mind. You’re probably thinking, “Why have I tuned in to this Blog today? What is this guys boggle?” I assure you,
******* This is going somewhere *******

Now, mind you, this doesn’t happen all the time. There are moments where I have a “Spiritual” response.So, now you know taht I can have some seriously faulty responses. Well, it’s a good thing I’m a work in progress. It’s an incredible thing to realize how messed up our reactions can be to situations, but more importantly to the One who is carrying us through them.

Love and Peace

Family is Sweet

Good Morning to all!

As I got up this morning I had my typical “I want to go back to bed” feeling I usually have. However, as I pulled myself up out of bed, trying to convince myself that I “need” to get up and get ready for work, I looked back at the bed…

There they were:

My wife- In here usual spot, the outside side of our bed. She seemed to be at perfect rest, so peaceful.

Wyatt (He’s 2/12)- Of course he ended up in our bed at some point last night. I was likely dead to the world, as I’m a really sound sleeper. He was in his spot too, right in the middle of the bed. His arms up over his head, and right leg hanging out of the side of the covers.

Liam (3mths.)- Turtle, as we so affectionately call him, was right next to momma. He was the only one not in the bed though. He managed to stay in his cradle…probably due to the fact that he can’t crawl or really move himself around just yet.

It dawned on me as sunlight began to gently peer through our windows that I am blessed beyond measure. I got my towel and clothes together, and got myself ready for the day. I thanked God briefly, but it wasn’t until about an hour ago that it really hit me…

I have so much to thank God for!

The fact that I woke up this morning, could see the sun rise through my windows, and seeing my family all together peacefully sleeping. Those are some of the things that God reminded me to be thankful for on the regular

You know, it’s usually the simple things, the things that go unnoticed, that really are the one’s that make us…and I think by neglecting them it can break us.

Keeping God First

It’s Finally Here!

Hey there!
Big thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts on what the name of the blog should be. Some were enlightening, some were not surprising in the least, and some were not right!! Some of these are inside jokes that some readers may not get, others seem to speak for themself.
The best are listed below: (Not all are listed, as some were inappropriate, even in my opinion)

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Drum Roll Please…….1. AlDancySpeaks.blogspot.com This was from about three peopleWell, to all who will read this a big shout out. And hopefully this journey will be great!